Best job in SA advertised for Nilpena Ediacara National Park senior ranger

“Wanted, one senior park ranger. Must enjoy isolation and starry nights. Duties include cleaning the visitor center and looking after the fossil remains of some of the oldest multicellular animal life on earth.” The soon-to-be opened Nilpena Ediacara National Park is hiring, and those in the know are calling it an opportunity of a lifetime. … Read more

Luckin Coffee Is Getting Its Business Model Right – A Threat To Starbucks?

Luckin Coffee is beginning to get its business model right by focusing on retailing coffee in small stores, which has helped the company make a big comeback. That’s according to Quo Vadis Capital President John Zolidis, who sees a 50% upside potential over the next two years. Zolidis, a long-time bear who turned into a … Read more

CTE in roughly 91.7% of ex-NFL players: Boston University study

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is examined during the first half of the team’s NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2022, in Cincinnati.Image: AP As the proper bookend to yesterday’s TMA, BU released the results of its study of former NFL players’ brains, and it’s not a number that the NFL … Read more

Australians lose it over UK ‘drugged up’ Freddo Frog design

Australians have been left shocked over the UK version of a popular Cadbury chocolate bar, with many roasting the design of the British bar. Photos of the popular Freddo Frog from the 1980s, compared with a 2020 redesign, sees the latter version of the chocolate missing a finger on each hand, with a thinner frame … Read more

Your views: on CEO pay and more

Today, readers comment on recruiting a new Child Protection CEO, robodebt, gun registers and Afghan refugees. Outgoing Department for Child Protection chief executive Cathy Taylor. Photo: Tony Lewis/InDaily Commenting on the story: Bumper salary flagged for new SA child protection boss This is absurd. The emphasis should be on the skills and commitment of the … Read more

Analyst believes Sean Payton would be okay with trading Russell Wilson

The Denver Broncos officially introduced new head coach Sean Payton as the team’s head coach yesterday. With a new era underway in Denver, there has already been a lot of talk about what will transpire during the offseason. The franchise is clearly confident in his ability to lead them as they traded some expensive draft … Read more

Study Highlights How Racism Can Impact Brain Development

A new study sheds light on how childhood adversity can impact the brain, and it specifically showed that racism and poverty can physically alter the organ’s development. Thousands Of Kids’ MRI Scans Were Examined The findings were recently published in The American Journal of Psychiatryand it involved Harvard researchers examining MRI scans taken from thousands … Read more

Centrelink’s phones are hanging up on Australia’s most vulnerable. These are their stories

Key Points Many Centrelink recipients are unable to receive phone assistance after an automated system hangs up automatically. Some are unable to access a local branch for assistance due to disability, while others are being turned away. Services Australia is experiencing a surge of calls and has urged people to keep trying their phone lines. … Read more