Accused petrol bomb thrower had allegedly been kicked out of casino

A man accused of throwing a petrol bomb at a restaurant near Melbourne‘s Crown Casino was allegedly kicked out of the venue for inappropriate sexual behavior towards staff.

Hussein Kassem, 39, has been denied bail before Melbourne Magistrates’ Court over the alleged arson attack, which significantly damaged the outdoor dining area of ​​the restaurant on the Southbank promenade near the casino.

Police allege the Southbank man took off his shirt, doused it in a bottle of Jack Daniels bourbon, placed the shirt in the bottle, lit it on fire, and threw it at the restaurant at about 1am.

A man set fire to a restaurant near Melbourne’s Crown Casino. (Nine)
The fire led to an awning collapsing. (Nine)

The fire caused significant damage, with the awning collapsing and glass shattering in the eating area.

Kassem was arrested shortly after the fire and later charged with reckless conduct endangering persons and two counts of arson.

At his bail hearing this afternoon it was heard alleged Kassem was kicked out of Crown on Wednesday last week for inappropriate sexual behavior towards staff.

Police arrested the man shortly after the fire. (Nine)
The restaurant is on the promenade near Crown Casino. (Nine)

Police also alleged he was the same man who was responsible for a small fire that was lit in the toilets of a hotel on Whiteman Street about half an hour before the restaurant fire.

The small fire was quickly extinguished before a man was seen leaving the area headed towards Clarendon Street.

Anyone with information or anyone who witnessed the incident is urgent contact police.

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