AFL / Aussie Rules Football Training: 3 ZONES OF FOOTBALL

About a month ago I posted about the 3 zones of football and how you could use it to guide your training more specifically than you currently do and today we’re going to have a look at how to that in regards to training to apply huge forward pressure which gives you increased game time in your own forward half time, keeps the ball closer to your goal then the opposition’s and allows your backs to defend up to high to lock that sucker in.

What the 3 zones of football does is allows you to create similar scenario’s to what happens in a game where players get to the ball location at all different times rather then at training where everyone gets there at the same time as they’re already in perfect positions to contest the ball but a huge part of positioning is knowing and being able to get there at the absolute right time and this will help greatly with that.

Traditional training also focuses on a lot on one 1 and 2 and not much on zone 3 which is your team structure zone which is your foundation so it will also give your players plenty of opportunities to see this in a low pressure situation allowing them to make better decisions instead of seeing it for the first time in a game when cognitive function is highly compromised and sub-par decision making is the result.

As the title suggests we’re going to look at applying forward pressure under different conditions, conditions that forwards will see multiple times during a game.

There are 5 levels to this full activity that don’t need to be implemented all on 1 night is not meant to be but going 2 – 3 levels at a time is probably the right choice, depending on your forward’s success level.


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