Akshay Kumar promotes Samrat Prithviraj on TKSS

In today’s episode, Kapil enters the stage and welcomes everyone to the show. He calls Akshay Kumar on stage. Akshay comes and everyone applauds him. He comes and starts teasing Archana and she starts laughing. He tells that when he came here earlier for rehearsal he saw Archana sitting on the couch and clicking a lot of photos. Kapil laughs and tells that’s the only thing she does. Then, he calls Manushi Chhillar on stage. She comes and Kapil gets smitten by her beauty her. She thanks him for having her her in the show. He tells that he’s happy to have her.

He asks her how was her experience of acting. Manushi tells that though she used to do theater when she was a child, acting is much more different since there are technical things to learn as well. Then, Kapil welcomes the director of their upcoming movie, Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi. He enters the stage and Kapil welcomes him. He asks him how does he have so much knowledge. He tells he likes to gain knowledge. He tells that he had finished writing the script in 2004, but it was destined to have Akshay in his movie that’s why it got delayed.

He tells that maybe theirs is the only historical movie to be done within 100 days of shooting and Akshay was there for only 46 days. Everyone gets shocked. Akshay tells that this movie is entirely about Prithviraj and how he respected his enemies, fought for the women, and stood up against anything wrong. Chandraprakash Dwivedi tells that Akshay and Prithviraj’s characteristics match a lot and hence, he was his choice. After a lot of laughter and games, the crew of Samrat Prithviraj left thanking Kapil.

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