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Christie BrinkleyAlexa Ray Joel

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Image Credit: Gregory Pace/Shutterstock

Alexa Ray Joel is clearly always a woman! The 36-year-old daughter of legendary singer Billy Joel73, and supermodel mom Christie Brinkley, 68, looked like a model herself in photos that she posted on her Instagram on May 31. In the series of photos, which she revealed were taken by her gorgeous mom, Alexa wore a plumping black swimsuit that she paired with a leopard printed sarong around her waist. With the sun shining down on her, Alexa smiled as she pushed back her long brown hair. In the caption to the photos, she shared what appeared to be lyrics to a song.

The caption read, “SWIPE! Pictures By Mother Darling @christiebrinkley —Tower Hill, May 2022. And here’s a little something I wrote… eh! And perhaps she didn’t know quite what she was yearning for / She just felt a pang, in every fiber of her being, beating on for something more / And perhaps all a woman has is her longing, and her might / And perhaps somewhere between the constant ticking of her heart, and her mind / In that strangely split divide / She possessed all that was boundless, unfettered, unrestrained / Like some shiny, wild black stallion who could never be tamed.”

Christie BrinkleyAlexa Ray Joel
Christie Brinkley and her daughter Alexa Ray Joel looked stunning at the ‘Bella Magazine Beauty Issue Launch Party’ in NYC on May 29, 2018. (Gregory Pace/ Shutterstock)

The stance continued, “And spinning into a dizzy delirium against the warm, fragrant air / Removed from hindrance, sense of time, consciousness, or care / For that one breathless moment she felt herself reaching upwards, further and further, into the glistening stream upwards of beckoning skylight / She had finally, completely let go… and set flight. —SET FLIGHT,” Alexa wrote, before signing the passage, “By Yours Truly.”

In the comments, Alexa revealed that she has been “focused on songwriting” — hinting that her caption is a song that she recently wrote. Her @butterfly_enchanted commented, “Keep writing. Creating and Being you. Can you please someday do a book? Refreshing to see women flex their brains as well as embrace their femininity. TZ” Alexa responded to her fan, writing, “@butterfly_enchanted I really appreciate that… thank you. I feel exactly the same way as you do when it comes to embracing both ends of the spectrum. We can be brainy AND girly, too! I’m hoping to pen a book someday—and in the meantime, I’ve been focused on songwriting… stay tuned here for new music clips. Lotsa love!”

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