Brisbane physiotherapist Scott Alexander Stuart Mackay jailed for sexually assaulting two patients on the same day

A Brisbane physiotherapist, who caused “irreparable damage” to two patients he sexually assaulted in what a judge has described as a “considerable breach of trust”, has been jailed for three months.

Scott Alexander Stuart Mackay was sentenced in the District Court to 12 months in jail, to be suspended after serving three months, on two counts of sexual assault.

During a trial in Brisbane this week, the court heard two women, who had been treated separately by Mackay at his Windsor clinic on the same day in January 2019, were assaulted on a massage table.

Both women, who came forward at different times, told police he touched their genitals for “up to a minute” during sessions which were to address pain in completely unrelated areas of their bodies.

Mackay, 48, was originally charged with one count of rape and one of sexual assault and had pleaded not guilty to both.

Yesterday a jury found him guilty on the first sexual assault but could not return the same verdict on the rape, instead finding him guilty on a second count of sexual assault.

Judge Julie Dick described Mackay’s offending as “a considerable breach of trust” and told the court he caused “irreparable damage” to both the victims and to his own reputation.

Judge Dick told the court his “considerable errors of judgment” on that day had a “calamitous” effect on his personal and professional life.

“You have suffered considerably,” she said.

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