More Questions on Creatine | Mark’s Daily Apple

Creatine is an extremely popular supplement with thousands of studies attesting to its effectiveness in humans. It works well in athletes, older people, women, men, teens, vegans and vegetarians, and probably even children. It’s well-tested, safe in normal amounts, and there are very few downsides. But because so many people use it, creatine also generates … Read more

Common Skin Problems in People of Color

Skin is the human body’s largest organ. In fact, it accounts for about 15% of a person’s body weight. Not only does it cover your entire body, manage your temperature, and help you detect hot and cold, but it’s also one of the first lines of defense against harmful ultraviolet radiation, infection, and disease. It’s … Read more

Things Women Should Look for While Buying a Health Insurance – Credihealth Blog

Although women and men can have similar health issues, their effects on women may differ. Therefore, women should take the necessary steps to keep medical contingencies at bay, one of which is buying health insurance. However, there is an array of health insurance providers in India and choosing one often becomes difficult. So, we suggest … Read more

What COVID Hospitalization Numbers Are Missing

For weeks now, as COVID-19 cases have ticked upward in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, pundits and political leaders have offered a supposedly reassuring refrain: Cases might be climbing, but hospitalizations aren’t yet following suit. In some places, that has been true. Several health-care workers around the country told me they’re seeing the lowest caseloads since … Read more