China Builds More Naval Targets In Remote Desert To Test Ballistic Missiles

China has been building mock targets in a remote desert to test long-range ballistic missiles. New satellite images show the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) set up a “large-scale target,” including a naval base, to hone its ship-killing skills in the Taklamakan Desert.

The replicas have been constructed along the eastern edge of the desert, according to new satellite photos. Several of these are naval and two have layouts that appear to be modeled on ships in port, reported USNI News.

Satellite images had earlier proved that China had constructed an elaborate replica of a US aircraft carrier. Though a site with full-scale piers and a destroyer-sized ship-like target was spotted eight miles southwest of the carrier layout in December, they are now gone. The report added that a test missile hit a dead center on the ship replicates in February, after which the targets were quickly disassembled.

The new targets were reportedly discovered by All-Source Analysis with more details revealed by high-resolution satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies as part of the research into aircraft carrier targets.


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