Commanders owner Dan Snyder allegedly hid money from other teams


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The three things likely to survive the nuclear holocaust? Keith Richards, c.cockroaches and Dan Snyderthough at this point it would be impossibleble to distinguish between the last two. Mushroom cloud fallout is equivalent to the atmosphere Snyder has around the Washington Commanders organization created over the last two decades. If the NFL won’t do anything to save its franchise based in the nation’s capital, Congress has opted to intervene.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee has been investigating Snyder and began an investigation into the Commanders toxic workplace culture in October 2021, when they requested that Commissioner Roger Goodell release the NFL’s secret findings from its own inquiry.

In February, former cheerleader Tiffani Johnston alleged during a Congressional roundtable that Snyder attempted to force her into a limo and placed his hand on her thigh during a group dinner. On Saturday, AJ Perez reported that the Commanders were allegedly using two accounting books, so that revenue could be withheld from the visiting team fund.

This latest allegation of financial misconduct against Snyder stems from testimony by Jason Friedman, a 24-year ticketing employee of the Washington front office that the team now known as the Commanders kept ticket revenue that was to be shared with visiting teams. The rumors of Friedman’s allegations spurred an undercurrent of relief across the Washington metropolitan area, because no fanbase despises their team’s ownership more than the Commanders’ detests Dan Snyder. By Sunday, the adrenaline was flowing and there was already speculation that if Synder cheated his fellow owners, it would punch his exit ticket. He doesn’t just make poor football personnel decisions, he’s also the most unscrupulous and deplorable owner in the NFL. The Commies have yet to comment on the allegation.

However, according to Daniel Kaplan of The AthleticFriedman supplied no evidence to back up his claims, and it’s unclear whether Friedman held a position high enough on staff to hbird access to records or other evidence that would support his allegations. Friedman’s Linkedin profile indicates that his title was Vice President of Sales and Customer Service, but he has not worked for the Commanders since 2020.

While Democrats on the Oversight Committee seek and documents that can corroborate allegations that the Commanders used deceptive accounting practices, how much more false interviews can one fanbase harden? “Impeach Dan Snyder” has been a rallying cry for Commanders fans since the 2000s. Unfortunately, whether it’s fellow owners, Roger Goodell or the GOP, someone shitty is always willing to give cover to Snyder.

Snyder’s Commanders have routinely been the subject of NFL investigations into sexual harassment, misogynyand racism. Snyder has been rumored to be responsible for leaking the Bruce Allen emails that resulted in Jon Gruden being canned in Las Vegas.

It’s too soon to tell if this is another Deflategate nothing-burger or the gateway to a severe Synder scandal. During Johnston’s testimony, GOP committee members turned a blind eye to sexual in the workplace, and took the stance that they were being asked to do something about what is essentially an HR issue. They couldn’t be more wrong. There are few things more important for DC residents than ousting Dan Snyder from his post.

However, the GOP members of the House Oversight committee have seemingly thrown their lot in with Snyder. Their response to Friedman’s allegations was more hostility than the apathy they displayed during Johnston’s aforementioned testimony. The spokesman for Republican committee members released a statement in response to Friedman’s testimony, which read:

“The leak of one-sided, unconfirmed, unsupported allegations from a disgruntled ex-employee with an ax to grind is just further proof the Democrats’ investigation is a waste of Congress’ time. Nothing the committee has heard from any credible witness points to any financial improprieties; in fact, the only credible witness in a position to know the facts the Democrats have heard from has denied any such improprieties.”

The GOP turning a blind eye to the chaos wrought by a contemptuous businessman running amok and instead getting angry about reporting is on-brand. If we’re not careful, Snyder might be someone’s running mate in 2024. Ultimately, Snyder’s fellow NFL owners hold power in this situation, and all Congress can do is shine a light on the cockroaches.


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