Deodorant Can Found Inside 27-Year-Old Man’s Colon After He Complained Of Abdominal Pain

A 27-year-old man in India, who was hit to a hospital after complaining about severe abdominal pain, was found to have an 8-inch deodorant canister wedged in his sigmoid colon.

The unidentified man, from Parthapratima in the state of West Bengal, reportedly had the can lodged inside him for three weeks before doctors removed it through surgery on Sept. 14, News 18 reported. The doctors found the canister had been inserted through the rectum.

The x-ray indicated the can was stuck in his sigmoid colon. A 2-hour surgery was performed to remove the bottle, which had its lid on, through the stomach, pictures obtained by the outlet showed.

The doctors at the Burdwan Medical College, where the surgery was conducted, said the man was not able to relieve himself for a week, and his condition worsened with every passing day. Doctors said his life would have been at risk had he not reported to the hospital on time.

Unfortunately, the operation brought along additional issues. Doctors at the hospital said the man’s esophagus was also damaged, and had to be surgically fixed. Surgeons said his intestines were also affected and would require surgery in the future to fix it.

The man is in a stable condition, but will remain under medical observation for the next seven days, according to East Coast Daily.

“This was a big deal for us, we treated him with uttermost care,” hospital superintendent Tapas Ghosh told News 18.

Despite the complexities, the patient’s family members said they were “happy with the treatment provided by the hospital.”

“Government hospitals usually delay the process,” they said in a statement. “But they were very prompt.”

In April, a 60-year-old man from Illinois ended up having a dental drill stuck inside his lungs after he accidentally inhaled it during a dental procedure. Doctors said Tom Jozsi inhaled the inch-long component of a tooth-hollowing instrument after the part broke off, while he was getting his tooth filled. Doctors said the instrument traveled deep down after he sucked it in, piercing his larynx and trachea. It was finally removed using a robotic ion catheter used for early detection of cancer.

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