Donald Trump sued for fraud

Donald Trump and three of his children have been sued for fraud by the New York State lawyer general.

The US$250 million (A$350m) lawsuit follows a three-year investigation into allegations of fraud by the Trump Organization.

The suit alleges that the former US president, with help from Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr, falsely inflated the value of his net worth by billions of dollars.

“These acts of fraud and misrepresentation were similar in nature, were committed by upper management at the Trump Organization as part of a common endeavor for each annual Statement, and were approved at the highest levels of the Trump Organization – including by Mr. Trump himself,” the lawsuit states.

The complaint claims that this was part of an effort to gain tax and other benefits from banks and insurers.

New York’s lawyer general Letitia James claims the Trump Organization made more than 200 false or misleading evaluations of its worth between 2011 and 2021.

She referred the matter to the Southern District Court of New York and the Internal Revenue Service.

Ms James is looking for the $50m in alleged funds and to bar Trump and his children named in the lawsuit from being a director of a New York business. The suit also seeks to stop the company from doing business in the state.

Originally published as Donald Trump and three of his children are sued for fraud by New York’s lawyer general


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