Dyson warns against viral TikTok mop attachment for cleaning floor

Dyson has issued a warning over a “life changing” cleaning hack that’s seen people attaching “fake” mop heads to their vacuum cleaners.

Dyson has issued a warning over a viral trend that’s seen owners of their vacuum cleaners attaching “fake” mop heads to clean their floors.

The official advice comes after Australian comedian and creator Christian Hull went viral with a TikTok video showing footage of him washing his floors using the attachment.

“Life changing find unofficial Dyson mop head attachment,” he began in the clip shared Tuesday.

“Don’t mind me, just using the Dyson with a mop head attachment! Shut the front door,” Hull said.

He went on to explain he’d seen videos raving about the unofficial attachment, explaining it works by removing the vacuum regular brush head and replacing it with a mop you add water to.

“You fill the top little compartment with water and it just sort of drips,” he said.

“You turn that little red switch and it starts dripping and you just use it.”

Hull gave the $65 mop head “an eight out of 10”, adding that he “really enjoyed this”.

People quickly responded that they needed to buy one of the attachments “now”, expressing they were “obsessed” with the vacuum hack.

But among the hundreds of comments on the clip – which has drummed up over 20,000 likes – were dozens of people warning Hull not to give the hack another go.

“Apparently they are really bad for the Dyson. I want to get one but lots of people have been saying that,” one said.

“So many people’s Dysons no longer work from these,” added another, to which someone responded: “They’re not designed for wet vacuuming so this is 100 per cent a bad idea.”

Meanwhile a third wrote: “I ruined mine. Please don’t do it! The best mop is the Tinco. But there is a robot vacuum that mops which is AMAZING.”

“These can get water into the main unit and void your warranty,” one person, who said they used to work at electrical store Good Guys, commented.

Speaking to news.com.au, a Dyson spokeswoman confirmed the warnings, saying the company “is aware of third party accessories being sold”.

“We do not recommend the usage of any third party, non-genuine tool attachments with Dyson machines as they have not been tested to our reliability and safety standards,” she said.

“Any damage caused by these non-genuine tools will not be covered under the Dyson guarantee.”

Customers can find out more about “counterfeit machines” here.

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