Federal government looks to fix, rather than dump, controversial changes to unemployment benefits

Employment Minister Tony Burke says it is “too late” to scrap controversial changes to unemployment benefits due to be introduced next month, so the government will look to alter the scheme instead.

From July, the JobActive scheme — which requires people receiving JobSeeker benefits to apply for 20 jobs a month — will be scrapped.

It will be replaced by a new scheme called Workforce Australia, which will require jobseekers to earn 00 points a month through applying for jobs, sitting interviews and earn training1.

The new scheme was designed under the Morrison government, and the changes have been criticized by some community advocates for being poorly communicated, leading to “fear and confusion”.

Some are concerned the new system could be more difficult to work under than the existing scheme.

Employment Minister Tony Burke told Sky News while the new scheme is flawed, there is not enough time to prevent it rolling out.


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