Gold Coast model Gabriella Pizzato shares terrifying toilet find on TikTok

Gold Coast model Gabriella Pizzato was scrolling on the toilet for 20 minutes before she realized she wasn’t alone.

When she got up to flush, she spotted eight long legs crawling out from beneath the toilet seat she had just been sitting on.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Aussie model shares horror spider find under toilet seat.

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Shocked to realize the huntsman spider had been there the whole time, she pulled out her phone and shared the terrifying moment on TikTok.

“Welcome to Australia,” Pizzato captioned the post. “I have no idea how I’m ever gonna go to the toilet again.”

“It’s actually huge,” she added, covering her mouth in disbelief and taking some deep breaths on camera. “It is huge.”

The viral video gained more than 100,000 views within a single day, confirming existing fears and sparking brand new ones.

“NOGHHHH this is why I lifted the toilet seat literally every single day in Aus!,” one person wrote.

“This is my literally biggest fear and I actually checked under and around before I go. Now I know my fears were warranted,” another wrote.

“New fear unlocked,” another wrote.

After sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes, Gabriella noticed she wasn’t alone. Credit: @gabpizzato/TikTok

Many people said they flush the toilet before they sit down, despite backlash over water wastage.

“I always flush before I go for this reason,” one person wrote.

“Always flush and check under the seat first,” another wrote.

Quite a few unfortunate people happened to stumble across the video while themselves sitting on the toilet.

“Sitting on the toilet and this video comes up,” one person wrote on TikTok.

“As someone watching this on the toilet, I did not appreciate this TikTok,” another wrote.

“I’ve just sat on the toilet and opened my app to this,” another wrote.

Huntsman spiders are very large, and can grow up to 15cm across the legs, but are relatively harmless.

If they do bite a human, it usually only results in local pain and swelling lasting for a short time.

Despite this, one thing is for certain – no one wants to have a huntsman joining them on the loo.

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