Helping stranded whales a job for trained people, with untrained volunteers urged to assist in other ways

Details continue to emerge over a mass whale stranding at Macquarie Harbor on the remote west coast of Tasmania — two years to the day after a similar event occurred in the same area.

Approximately 230 pilot whales are involved in this particular stranding, with half of the animals believed to still be alive, as of early Wednesday afternoon.

Multiple roads leading to the site have been closed, with police controlling traffic and the council urging people to stay away while the situation is assessed.

The boat crew tend to a whale in shallow waters.
Rescue operations at the remote beach location are “complex”, the department says.(Supplied: Petuna Aquaculture)

What happens now?

While it’s natural to want to dive in and assist, what’s key now is letting the professionals do what they do, marine expert Vanessa Pirotta says.


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