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We are living in unprecedented times and the novel Coronavirus is now having an adverse effect on the world’s population as we seek to deal with many adjustments in our lives. Most of us are now in home quarantine, which is proposed to protect us from contracting this disease. Many will agree that this lack of social interaction negative emotional impact while some motivation has created some motivation that this has resulted in them unearthing their creativity in various areas, one of such is their increased to prepare new dishes during this time. As a result, more persons are now busier in their kitchens utilizing some long-neglected pots, pans, such as their knives, forks etc and are now preparing their own meals instead of ordering from take-out service or dining at restaurants. This is quite commendable and should be encouraged among families, especially engaging in the preparation of healthy meals as we are living in a time when physical activities are reduced, so it is imperative to practice healthy eating in an effort to keep the immune system in tip top shape.

During this quarantine period, it is important to consume foods that are low in calories, while providing the body with the essential nutrients that it needs. These include fresh fruits and vegetables which provide essential nutrients to protect the body and which are also low in calories. This will prevent the possibility of gaining those extra pounds which can result in health complications. Emphasis should also be placed in slice ensuring that fruits and vegetables are fresh and therefore after washing properly at kitchen faucet, fruits and vegetables can be chopped or into smaller pieces, using an appropriate knife and refrigerated for future use. These can be used for making healthy smoothies and in the preparation of other healthy dishes.

The intake of protein is also of particular importance at this time, however excess oils should be avoided as it can be harmful to the body. Many dishes can be prepared in an airfryer, from healthy breakfast menus, to appetizers, entrees and desserts. It is best to prepare protein dishes in an airfryer which will minimize the amount of oil consumed. If you are yearning for your favorite fast foods such as French fries, crispy potato wedges, hot chicken wings etc, you can moderately indulge using the air fryer as it is useful appliance to prepare these dishes in a healthy, yet palatable way.

Now that you are at home, I know that you can get quite comfortable and sometimes bored and as a result the cravings for “comfort foods” such as sweets, ice cream, sodas or something starchy are usually the ones that we would prefer to consume . It is best to avoid this temptation and replace these cravings with healthy snacks such as nuts, dark chocolate (in small portions), healthy casseroles and yogurt. It is also important to stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of water and avoid sodas as much as possible as they contain a lot of sugar.

We all continue to look forward to the day when our lives will return to normal, but while we are faced with the reality of these restrictions and now have limited access to even grocery shopping, it is vital to consume foods in small portions and avoid unhealthy eating. We cannot afford to dig our graves with our “knives and forks” but we should all strive to adopt healthy eating practices as we look forward in faith to 2021 and beyond.

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