Local Government Minister to appoint municipal monitor for Horsham Rural City Council

The Victorian government has appointed a municipal monitor to supervise a fourth Victorian council charged with dysfunctional conduct.

The mayor and chief executive officer of Horsham Rural City Council asked the government to intervene after a series of allegations of misconduct and toxic workplace culture.

Local Government Minister Melissa Horne said the identity of the monitor and the length of time they would spend at Horsham would be announced at a later date.

In a statement, Ms Horne said: “The decision has been made at the request of the council’s mayor and CEO who sought to ensure that the council has the guidance it needs to perform its role successfully and serve the local community effectively.

Horsham Mayor Robyn Gulline and CEO Sunil Bhalla met in person with former local government minister Shaun Leane to express concerns with governance practices.

“This meeting was followed with a formal request to Minister Leane on 14 June to appoint a municipal monitor to assist council,” a council spokesperson said.

Other Victorian councils being independently supervised by the government include Darebin, Moira and Wodonga.


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