Marina Morgan: Funeral held for bride killed in Hamilton Island buggy crash

After the tragic death of a newlywed bride in a freak buggy accident on her honeymoon, hundreds of mourners paid their respects at her funeral.

Family and friends have commemorated the “kind-hearted spirit” and “unconditional love” of a newlywed bride who tragically died in a golf buggy accident on her honeymoon.

Marina Morgan, 29, had only been married to husband Robbie Morgan for 10 days when she died in a freak accident on the couple’s Hamilton Island honeymoon.

At 9am on Saturday, hundreds of friends and family filled St Mary & St Merkorious Coptic Orthodox Church in Rhodes – the same place Marina and Robbie were married three weeks ago – to remember her life.

A funeral notice posted to the church’s Facebook page in Arabic and English referred to her as the “bride of heaven”.

Several men, including her husband, carried her coffin into the building and onto the altar, where a photo of Marina on her wedding day was placed on top of the casket, Daily Mail Australia reported.

After prayers filled the church, friends and family shared their memories of Marina’s life.

Marina’s brother, Mark Hanna, described his sister as a “sweet, young, independent woman who was loved by everyone.”

“There are no words that come close to the think that we feel in our hearts today,” he said.

“She was beautiful inside and out, loved to laugh, and always had a positive outlook on life.”

In his emotional eulogy, Mr Hanna described the strong bond he shared with his sister.

“I’ve lost someone who’ve I shared with so many things … we always shared with each other our hidden fears, and now it feels as though I’ve lost a part of myself, leaving a wound that stretches from the middle of my ribcage to the bottom of my gut,” he said.

“It’s very difficult to accept that our gorgeous Marina is no longer here with us.

“I will do my best to not let this scar be the death of me,” he promised as he broke down in tears.

“Mum, dad, husband Robbie, me, your extended families, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and everyone who knew you will never forget you.”

While Mr Morgan did not stand to speak during the funeral, he briefly spoke to media afterward.

“I can’t explain the sadness in my heart, my wife was loved by so many,” Mr Morgan told reporters after the funeral.

“So many felt her (love) and she taught kindness.”

Cousin Miriam remembered her “partner in crime” who lived her life “fearlessly” and vowed to do the same.

“You will know how difficult it is to summarize 29 years of Marina’s life in a couple of minutes,” she said.

In a bespoke poem, Miriam also described how Marina fulfilled her life’s goal of getting married, filling her family with pride.

“We never thought that day would be your last,” she recited.

After the Covid-19 pandemic delayed Mr Morgan and Marina’s wedding celebrations by a year, Miriam recalled how she and her cousin spent the night before Marina’s wedding cuddling.

“She told me how fulfilled she was and how life just couldn’t get any better,” Miriam said.

“A daughter, a friend a family member and a wife, Marina truly did fulfill her biggest goal in life.

“To marry her soulmate Robbie and to be a bride, while always filling her family with so much love and so much pride

A high school friend recalled how Marina’s laugh and “bright” humor would be missed by all who knew her.

“When I think of you Marina I think of your laugh – the laugh that we could hear from the other side of the playground, the laugh that we could sometimes hear from the other side of the school,” she said.

“How lucky are we to have shared laughter with Marina, to be blessed with her comedic relief, her accurate impressions and her, bright and contagious humour.”

Marina’s friend also described her as someone who stayed “true” to herself and “never changed for others”.

While Mr Morgan did not get up to speak, the priest told the church how he had recalled the couple’s last few days together.

The priest said the day before she died, Mr Morgan had noticed Marina looked particularly radiant and glowing with joy in a way he had never before seen.

“It was because God had entered her heart and told her she would be joining him in heaven soon,” the priest said.

“Please see this as a celebration. She is in a better place now alongside God and his angels.”

Mrs Morgan’s casket was carried outside and placed into the back of a hearse, before it was driven to Rookwood Cemetery, where she will be laid to rest the Daily Mail reported.

In the wake of her death, online tributes remembering Mrs Morgan have also poured in.

“Our beautiful Marina was taken way too soon,” Sheridan Chaplin said in an Instagram post.

“Marina you were such an amazing friend to everyone and the perfect match for Robbie.

“I am so grateful that we were able to share our lives, laughs, happiness, sadness and love together … Thank you for all the beautiful memories you left us all with.”

Melissa Voyias who entertained the newlyweds at their wedding reception said on social media she would miss Marina’s “infectious laugh, light and energy.”

“A moment ago we had the most incredible night partying it up with you at your long awaited wedding, and just seconds later you’re gone.

“You were always the most hilarious girl in the room and brought life and energy to every moment … May you rest in eternal peace, with our Heavenly Father.”

Rachael Divertie recalled styling Marina’s house with floral decor in preparation for her wedding day, saying her “heart is broken” in the aftermath of Marina’s death.

“A part of all of us went with you when you went home to God. You were the greatest blessing to have entered our family and you completed Robbie,” she said in an Instagram tribute post.

“You were the best of friend, role model and big sister to my kids. You were my confidant.

“We are eternally grateful to have you in our lives and I will miss you everyday.”


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