Medibank hack: Biggest data dump released overnight

Russian hackers who stole Medibank customer data have issued a vile message after making their single largest dump of private information.

“Happy Cyber ​​Security Day!!!,” the group known as Revel reportedly wrote on the dark web overnight.

They posted on the forum where they have made numerous data dumps.

“Added folder full. Case closed.”

Medibank chief executive David Koczkar said while some media reports suggested the data dump was a sign of “case closed”, the insurance company’s “work is not over”.

“We are remaining vigilant and are doing everything we can to ensure our customers are supported. It’s important everyone stays vigilant to any suspicious activity online or over the phone,” he said.

Medibank confirmed that the data was contained in six “zipped” files inside a folder called “full”, which contained raw data.

Interestingly, the data appears “incomplete and hard to understand”.

For example, health claims data released in the data dump has not been linked to customer names and contact details.

The folder is 6.5 gigabytes – overwhelmingly larger than the previous dump of 6400 megabytes, according to early reports from Nine News.

Mr Koczkar again “unreservedly” apologized to the company’s 3.9 million current and former customers.

“Again, I unreservedly apologize to our customers,” he said.

“We remain committed to fully and transparently communicating with customers and we will continue to contact customers whose data has been released on the dark web.”

The group claimed the data dump would be their final update.

It is believed the files contain data from thousands of Australians.

Government Services and NDIS Minister Bill Shorten called the development “shocking”.

“The people who’ve hacked Medibank are absolute criminal low-life.

“What I can say from the point of view of my responsibilities is that if people think that any government ID has in any way been breached … contact us.”

The hack, which happened in October, impacted 9.7 million current and former customers.

Hackers began dumping data after the insurer refused to pay the $15m ransom – a move the federal government supported.

Last week, the group released 1500 records related to claims for conditions such as cancer, dementia and mental health conditions.

Information relating to drug and alcohol use, as well as terminating pregnancies has also been released.

Earlier this month, it was announced Deloitte would conduct an external review of Medibank.

Originally published as Medibank responds to hackers’ biggest data dump overnight


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