Melissa Caddick’s husband said he was ‘confused’ when questioned over wife’s disappearance

The “distressed” husband of accused Sydney fraudster Melissa Caddick has stood down from giving evidence after becoming “confused” by questions directed at him during an inquest into her disappearance.

Ms Caddick went missing in November, 2020, hours after the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and Australian Federal Police conducted a lengthy raid on the couple’s Dover Heights home.

ASIC was investigating an alleged Ponzi scheme run by 49-year-old Ms Caddick, which the inquest has been involved between $20 million and $30 million.

Her husband, Anthony Koletti, told an inquest on Wednesday he gave untruthful information to police about her routine and the morning she vanished.

An inquest into her suspected death has heard Mr Koletti reported Ms Caddick missing 30 hours after he claimed to have last seen her and told police she had gone for a morning run, as she always did.

However, the court has also been told there is no evidence of Ms Caddick ever running outside in the morning in the month prior.

Counsel Assisting Jason Downing SC put it to Mr Koletti that he had not given truthful answers to police questions.

a man and a woman sitting down smiling
Melissa Caddick (right) disappeared in November 2020, after her husband, Anthony Koletti (left), said she had gone on a run.(supplied)

“Um, yes, I would agree with that,” he said.

“Why did you lie to police?” Mr Downing asked.

“I don’t know if it was a lie, it was referring to her exercising every day,” Mr Koletti said, after explaining she sometimes used a treadmill and didn’t have any set routine.

Mr Downing persisted with the line of questioning for some time.


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