More allegations of indecent dealings with children levelled against former Fremantle school priest

A Catholic priest accused of sexually abusing Fremantle schoolboys in the 1980s was also known for kissing and touching younger members of his flock in another southern Perth parish in the 1970s.

This is just one of the revelations to emerge after Perth man Travis Adams came forward this week with his story of alleged sexual abuse by Carmelite Father Damian Barker.

Mr Adams is suing the Victorian-based Carmelite Fathers and the Christian Brothers for failing to protect him and other boys from alleged abuse by Fr Barker at CBC Fremantle in 1984 and 1985.

Many people contacted the ABC to tell of their experiences of observing and receiving Fr Barker’s kisses on the lips, hugs and caresses while they were students.

Some noted that Fr Barker’s overly affectionate behavior was out of step with the social norms of the day, where many fathers did not even hug or kiss their sons.


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