Mother declines lawyer before trial over daughter’s death

A Queensland mother accused of praying over her dying daughter as part of a cult-like group, instead of medical help, has declined offers for legal counsel in the lead-up to her court appearance.

Elizabeth Rose Struhs, 8, was found dead at her home at the Toowoomba suburb of Rangeville, about 100 kilometers west of Brisbane, in January.

Elizabeth Struhs, 8, was allegedly denied medical care.

Elizabeth Struhs, 8, was allegedly denied medical care.Credit:nine

A total of 14 people, part of a religious group made up of three families known as “the Saints”, have been arrested and charged in relation to Elizabeth’s death.

The group allegedly prayed over Elizabeth as she was dying instead of seeking medical help, believing she would instead be healed by God.

Police have described the group as holding “differing views”.

Elizabeth’s death, police will allege, was the result of her being denied treatment for diabetes for about six days.

Her older sister, Jayde, told The Current Affair she found out Elizabeth had told her friends at school she wanted to be a doctor to “help other kids with diabetes”.

Elizabeth’s parents, Kerrie Elizabeth Struhs, and Jason Richard Struhs, have both been charged with murder, torture and failing to provide the needs of life for Elizabeth.

All 14 people charged have so far refused to have legal representation.

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