Naagin 6, 18th June 2022, Written Update: Pratha swears to become shesh naagin

In today’s episode, Mehek breaks the photo frame and says she killed Pratha and her baby who could have become shesh naagin. She says she gave poison to the jailer who she made pratha drink it. Pratha hears everything and gets shocked. Pratha runs towards Mehek to stop her but snakes surround her. She asks Lord Shiva how he let the evil succeed. She says she will take back her powers and won’t leave her baby’s murderer. She announces that she will return as shesh naagin.

Mehek wakes up and goes to Rishab and asks him how much more he will work. Urvashi tells her that she will bring drugs into the country and she should come as shesh naagin and help her. They leave. pratha goes to the temple. Farishtha says he knew that she wouldn’t die. She tells him to make her shesh naagin again. He says she can get her powers from her back only if the new one returns them back to her. She swears on Mahadev that she will take revenge and become shesh naagin again. Urvashi tells about her partner from her to Mehek. They see a policeman stop the drug truck. Mehek turns into naagin and hits the police and they get scared.

Urvashi meets with her partner and gets happy about Chingistaan ​​destroying their country. Farishtha calls Mehek to the Kailash Parvat as an animal will attack it. He says she should save the country as Pratha has also fought off many asuras when she was shesh naagin. Urvashi tells her she will surely win. Rishab and Mehek give a lift to the lady rescued by Pratha and she says she’s an astrologer. The lady tells her she will die in 72 hours. Mehek asks her to get down from the car. Rishab tells her nothing will happen to her. He stops the car and tells her that he will be back.

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