New MasterChef challenge gives contestants 60 minutes to prepare beautifully-constructed illegal wage payment scheme

In a new twist on Australia’s favorite cooking competition, MasterChef contestants will have exactly one hour to cook up the perfect way to underpay their staff.

Inspired by judge George Calomabris’s own approach to running restaurants, the new segment – ​​named ‘Cooking the Books’ – will challenge contestants to find the most inventive and inspiring ways to avoid paying minimum wages and overtime.

Calombaris told contestants to think creatively. “Think carefully about the ingredients you’re going to use. Award wage theft? Holiday loading avoidance? Maybe a dash of overtime-rate evasion? Delicious!”

He said the schemes would be judged on creativity, taste and presentation.

“It’s about the presentation. How can you make it look like you’re running a professional, successful business on the outside when in fact everything’s held together by a carefully-constructed garnish?

“I’m looking forward to seeing how you approach this. 20 MINUTES!”

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