Nexstar Says Average CW Viewer Is 58, And Internet Can’t Stop Laughing – Deadline

During a call with analysts today, executives from Nexstar Media Group revealed how they hope to turn the CW into more of a cost-conscious broadcast network that appeals to a broader audience. Turns out the CW is a lot closer to that goal than anyone might have imagined.

The reality, according to Nexstar President and COO Tom Carter, is that the average CW viewer is 58 years old — which he thinks is why the broadcast network is also the lowest rated among all five. Since the CW is home to such teen faves as Riverdale, All American and The Flashnews of its 50-something appeal elicited more than a few laughs online.

“I would have laughed if the average age was 40,” wrote Mike Royce, the former EP On One Day at a Time, on Twitter. “58 is true comic genius.”

Royce went on to suggest that his old TNT comedy Men of a Certain Age serves as a lead-out to Riverdale.

For what it’s worth, younger viewers tend to stream CW programming — not watch it day and date on their living room Samsungs.

Nexstar today confirmed it is set to take the 75% ownership stake in the CW, with previous 50-50 owners Paramount Global and Warner Bros Discovery each retaining 12.5%. The transaction will formally close in the next few weeks.

Carter went on to say during this morning’s call that the demographic focus of the CW will also change over time. The promise was to make the CW profitable by 2025.

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