Peanut Butter brand Bega launches squeezable spread

A staple in Australian households has gotten a facelift this week as the brand behind the breakfast classic relaunched its fresh take.

The brand behind the peanut butter lid found in most Australian pantries and now has a yellow makeover this year Bega is launching a game-changing new package.

The Simply Nuts natural peanut butter which is made entirely from Australian peanuts, is set to become available in a new “shake-n-squeeze” bottle – in both smooth and crunchy form.

The spread favored by many on their morning toast or sandwiched in a lunch box has been manufactured in Port Melbourne for over 60 years.

In 2019 the brand launched the natural peanut butter brand, Simply Nuts in a show of commitment to the Aussie peanut industry.

“Natural peanut butter is a delicious product, made with the health-conscious consumer in mind,” Bega Food Spreads Marketing Manager Jacqui Roth said.

“However, due to the naturally occurring peanut oil in natural peanut butter – consumers have let us know that things can get messy when they’re trying to get the natural peanut butter out of the jar with a knife.”

Early consumer feedback has revealed that peanut butter eaters not only find the new packaging removes the mess but it is much easier to apply to a snack or squeeze into a satay stir-fry.

Bega visited the Rackemann family at their fourth-generation peanut farm where the key ingredient of the Australian spread is harvested.

“It’s revolutionary, really. When it comes to peanuts, we thought we had seen it all – but it turned out … we hadn’t,” said Cam Rackemann.

As the first week of winter arrives, Bega predicts that the season’s peanut harvest is around 75 per cent complete across Queensland.

“While the last stage of our peanut harvest has been slightly hampered by the recent rain here in Coalstoun Lakes, we’re holding out for the sunshine so that we can close out this year’s harvest,” Mr Rackemann said.

“Nothing makes us happier than growing a great crop of peanuts for the nation to enjoy,” added patriarch Mark Rackemann.

The new product will be available in Coles and some independent stores nationally by the end of June.

Originally published as Iconic peanut butter brand Bega launches squeezable spread


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