Prince Harry-Meghan Markle uninvited to Queen Elizabeth II’s pre-funeral reception; Couple ‘baffled’ by mixup?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been uninvited from Queen Elizabeth II’s pre-funeral reception, according to a report by The Telegraph. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had earlier received an invite to the grand event – which is being hosted by King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla for world leaders and foreign royals – taking place at Buckingham Palace.

However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have apparently been informed now that only working British royals are welcome to The Queen’s pre-funeral reception. As per the publication, it remains unclear as to why Harry and Meghan were ever invited to the event in the first place as royal aides insisted that the couple is not expected to attend. Moreover, sources also revealed that Harry and Meghan “appeared baffled” by the apparent mixup. Amongst the many who will attend the grand event honoring Queen Elizabeth will be US President Joe Biden and France President Emmanuel Macron, who will also be attending The Queen’s funeral on September 19, Monday.

Meanwhile, this is not the only controversy surrounding the Sussexes and their involvement in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Initially, Prince Harry wasn’t allowed to wear his military uniform for his beloved grandmother’s funeral events, which led to a major public uproar since ex-royal Prince Andrew, who has been accused of sexual assault, was granted special permission for the same. Eventually, Prince Harry was also granted special permission by his father King Charles III to don his military uniform for Queen Elizabeth II’s final vigil.

Even at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin procession, eyebrows were raised when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex held hands, which is said to be a breach of royal protocol. However, as noted above, they are no longer working royals. “Harry and Meghan are grieving relatives and are under no obligation to follow royal protocol,” Inbaal Honigman, body language expert, stated to The Daily Express in Harry and Meghan’s defence.

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