Psychiatrist Explains Why He Hates Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be suffering from an epileptic personality disorder that causes his hatred of Ukraine, a psychiatrist said.

Speaking with The New Voice of Ukraine, psychiatrist Roman Dolynskyi was asked to explain why Putin chose to invade Ukraine and why he has an intense hatred for Ukrainians. In response, Dolynskyi suggested that Putin’s fear of Ukraine’s influence on his people has led to his cruelty and suspicion of those around him.

“[Putin is] afraid of Ukraine’s example for his people. In fact, he is afraid of his people from him,” Dolynskyi said. “This causes his rage, cruelty, as well as his age-related paranoia and suspicion of everyone. At the same time, his epileptic personality disorder also lies in the fact that everything around such a person should be only as he decides, and not otherwise.”

The Epilepsy Foundation wherein characterized “epileptic personality disorder” as a syndrome an individual has explosive impulsivity, affective viscosity and egocentricity.

However, Dolynskyi said Putin has a “distorted” kind of disorder, adding that people who suffer from an epileptic personality disorder can have a violent affective reaction if they believe something is not in their proper place.

Additionally, the psychiatrist said people who suffer from this disorder also believe only their opinions could ever be right and that they have accepting criticism as it destroys the image of order that they want to impose.

“Obviously, the changes in Ukrainian society – the fact that it is freer, that it will not follow the old regime and socio-political system according to the Soviet guidelines, according to which he grew up and the theses from which he still imposes on the people of his country – provoked this sort of rage from Putin. Since these changes go beyond the usual system in his understanding of him,” Dolynskyi added.

The psychiatrist’s comments come as the war in Ukraine stretches into its fourth month.

Recently, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov issued a rare statement dismissing claims that the leader was suffering from “blood cancer” and other illnesses. Lavrov added that “sane people” could see that rumors about Putin’s health are untrue.

Russian President Putin attends CSTO summit in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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