Qantas 730 ad savages airline

Australia’s once beloved national carrier has been savaged in a fake ad aimed at the airline’s treatment of workers and passengers.

Qantas has been savaged in a satirical advertisement for the once beloved national carrier.

The airline’s treatment of workers during the pandemic and recent drop in standards has drawn heavy criticism.

In the fake ad aired on ABC’s 730, comedian Mark Humphries styles himself as a Qantas pilot welcoming passengers aboard.

The video hits out at staff shortages affecting the airline after it fired thousands of workers during the pandemic.

Having stood down two thirds of its roughly 30,000 strong workforce, the airline also pocketed $855 million in jobkeeper from the Aussie taxpayer.

On Friday, Qantas offered to pay its employees a one off bonus of $5000, along with permanent wage increases of two per cent to “share the benefits of its recovery”.

Unions slammed the tactic and called for the bonus to be paid to all employees, including 2000 found by the Federal Court to have been illegally let go.

In 2018, Qantas boss Alan Joyce was revealed to have taken home $24 million, which he attributed to the airline’s strong performance. Mr Joyce’s salary is since believed to have shrunk to around $2 million post pandemic.

Transport Workers Union National Secretary Michael Kaine said under Mr Joyce, “Qantas has led a years-long war on workers to control the decline in wages and conditions in aviation”.

During the pandemic, the airline’s debt level spiraled to $6.4 billion, but with the return of air travel, has shrunk to $4.0 billion and the company says it is on track to return to profit in FY23.

The ad also heavily poked fun at a wellness festival reportedly attended by Qantas executives in April this year as travel systems buckled under the return of passengers.

Intended as a means of luring workers back to the office, the festival is said to have included daily events including yoga, Zumba and pilates.

Qantas boss Alan Joyce blamed chaos at airports as passengers returned as a sign of them not being “match fit” – a comment he later back-pedaled on to blame security staff shortages.

Originally published as Qantas savaged in fake ad aimed at recent controversies


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