Queen funeral: BBC appears to forget what Anthony Albanese looks like

Anthony Albanese appeared to get the cold shoulder while attending the BBC Queen’s funeral as commentators reeled off the names of world leaders by entering the chapel to pay their last respects on Monday.

The UK’s national broadcaster made reference to the impact Queen Elizabeth II had on world politics as Commonwealth leaders Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau appeared on camera.

But the coverage went silent as the grave once the Aussie Prime Minister entered the frame alongside partner Jodie Haydon, leading many to believe the BBC’s presenters had no clue who he was.

And it wasn’t the first on-air slip up from TV networks.

Channel Nine appeared to return the favor as the UK’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss appeared on screen.

Presenters momentarily seemed unable to recognize the UK’s new leader, with Nine on-air personalities Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw both unable to identify Truss as she emerged from a car to attend the funeral.

“So, this is a significant motorcade, we are being told now. Come with us as we try and identify who is getting out of the car. This is under police escort of course. I would suggest this might be royalty, Tracy,” said Overton.

But as Truss emerged, the pair were stumped: “Hard to identify. Maybe minor royals, members of the … I can’t identify them at this point …”

The viewers at home yelled at their televisions, “THAT’S LIZ TRUSS!”, some took to social media:

Shortly after, Overton relayed the intel they’d just been given.

“I’m told that was Liz Truss the new Prime Minister in the distance, she could see hopping out of the car. Thank you very much for that information,” he said.

Originally published as BBC appears to forget who Anthony Albanese is as world leaders filter into Westminster Abbey

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