Rental crisis: Viral TikTok compares what $400 rentals look like around Australia

Australia is in the midst of a rental crisis. It might be a countrywide issue, but a viral TikTok has proven it’s much worse in some cities than others.

TikTok user @samshouse searched the internet to discover what was available for $400 a week around Australia and shared her results in a two-part series. In news that will surprise no one who lives in NSW – the closer you get to Sydney, the worse the situation gets.

According to the TikTok, Sydney apparently has nothing on offer for under $400 besides a car space.

While technically not correct – studios in the Harbor City can be snapped up for $300 to $400 – it does highlight the dire state of the rental market and cost of living pressures in major Australian cities.

According to the video, $400 a week in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin will actually see you pretty happily settled in a cute and modern (read: not with cracked floors and moldy walls, which are both Sydney rental staples) one bedroom apartment.

Despite being another of Australia’s most popular cities, $400 a week in Melbourne gets you a pretty adorable, new, two bedder. My jealously is palpable – although more than one commenter was wondering where she found such a good deal in this artsy city.

“Where the heck are you getting that good in Melbourne OMG,” asked one.

“Lol what suburb for Melbourne coz (sic) that’s defs (sic) lower than usual,” wrote another.

“Idk where you found that Melbourne apartment bc you’re not getting anything for under $600 a week,” wrote another.

As much as renting in Sydney is a nightmare, especially right now, I personally am in a studio in the inner west for less than $400 a week – not a lot less, but less. Other TikTok users are also questioning the accuracy of the research that went into this video.

“Okay but I was looking at 2 bedrooms in Parramatta for $350 a week,” wrote one. To which I have to counter, does Parramatta really count as Sydney?

“OMG my apartment is in the city, one bed for $400 in Sydney,” wrote another. I have to know more about this magical deal.

Some TikTokkers in Queensland also strongly disagreed with what was on offer in their city – even claiming that the property was in Toowoomba, not Brisbane.

Perth, however, seems to be sitting pretty, so I guess it’s time we all moved there.

“Um in Perth I have a three bedroom two bathroom house with backyard and two garage for 300 a week?!? Perth ain’t that bad geez but I do have a good deal,” commented one very lucky renter.

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