Shiba Army Says $BONE Listing On Binance Imminent After Exchange Enabled Token’s Price Tracking

Fans of Shiba Inu, aka the Shib Army, are reportedly hyped after Binance’s recent announcement on enabling its price tracking feature for BONE.

The Shiba Inu community believes the crypto exchange platform’s latest move is an indication that it will soon list the governance token of ShibaSwap Bone, allowing investors to trade the same on Binance. Over the past 30 days, Binance shared that BONE saw a massive 24.67 percent increase in its price from $0.0818572 to $0.1144256.

BONE is the governance token of Shiba Inu and the soon-to-launch layer-2 solution Shibarium. It has attracted investors’ attention when speculations about the imminent Shibarium rollout made rounds online.


Photo: “ShibaDEX — First Cross-Chain DEX for the Shiba Inu Community” Post From Komodo Official Website

While the Shiba Inu development team has not yet provided a definitive release date for Shibarium, investors who wanted to see a massive gain on the notion that BONE’s price would arise following Shibarium’s launch, would not want to be left out and started buying the governance token . Previous statements from the development team revealed that BONE will have a crucial role in the layer 2 solutions.

It will reportedly be used as the native gas token of Shibarium, which will be used to process transactions and smart contracts. At present, BONE is ShibaSwap’s governance token, which gives users the chance to vote on proposals and upcoming projects of the altcoin’s native decentralized exchange (DEX).


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