Starz To Rebrand As Lionsgate+ Outside U.S. And Canada – Deadline

Starz is to rebrand as Lionsgate+ in 35 countries along with rebranding its logo, but will remain Starz in the US and Canada.

Ahead of a swanky showcase in London tonight, Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch unveiled the news, which will officially happen tomorrow.

He added: “Operating under Lionsgate+ internationally brings a distinct and differentiated identity in an increasingly crowded international marketplace and builds on the brand equity in the Lionsgate name that our extensive research has proven is strong around the world. Even with the separation of STARZ and the Lionsgate studio business, the Lionsgate brand will continue to be valuable to the ongoing success of our international platform.”

The pair of businesses are currently going through a separation and a number of media entities are rumored to be interested in acquiring Starz including the likes of Canal+ and Roku, with a sale expected before the end of this year.

“Our commitment to deliver bold, curated stories where we push boundaries and defy expectations remain the same,” added Superna Kalle, President, International Networks. “We have built strong relationships with our viewers and look forward to continue providing them premium storytelling as Lionsgate+.”

Starz, or Lionsgate+ as it is now known, has shows including gaslit and Dangerous Liaisons, along with the power franchise.

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