Superstar Singer 2: Dharmendra reveals he did his own steps in the classic hit track ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’

The upcoming episode of the kids singing reality show Superstar Singer 2, will be graced by a special guest. It will be a grand musical extravaganza as Bollywood’s most celebrated actor, Dharmendra ji will be gracing the stage of Superstar Singer 2 for the ‘Dharmendra Ji Special’ episode. Honoring the legendary superstar, all the contestants will be seen giving a heart-warming tribute to Dharam Ji by performing some of his most loved and iconic songs of all time.

Taking up the level of entertainment a notch higher, contestant Soyab Ali along with Captain Salman Ali will give an exceptional performance on Dharam Ji’s popular and favorite song ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’. Making everyone tap their feet as they enjoyed this duo’s vibrant performance; both Soyab and Salman will be showered with endless accolades and praises.

The legendary actor, Dharmendra Ji will be left so amazed by their performance that he will go on to recite a beautiful Shayari complimenting the duo. Dharam ji, the current OG star of the song will also be seen grooving to his popular track ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana’; leaving everybody in awe of him.

Additionally, Captain Mohd Danish will be seen asking Dharmendra ji how was his experience shooting for this song as he heard that Dharam ji was dancing on this song completely with his heart. Responding to this veteran actor, Dharmendra ji said, “I told our choreographer, please let me do a step, if you like it, we’ll go ahead with it. He was doing something and he told me “take this one step” to which I said, “okay let me take two steps, what’s the harm?” After that there was also a step in which my character is dancing with a bottle, I danced with no inhibitions to that step, without skipping the rhythm and without forgetting my character. The rhythm just flows in you as you dance. And I can say that this song is one of my best songs.”

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