Sydney neighbour’s noise complaint note sparks debate online

A parent has shared the harshly-worded note their in-laws received from a Sydney neighbor after they spent the day looking after their grandchildren.

In the letter, the vexed neighbor accused the children of “screaming” and “disturbing the peace,” in their high-density apartment block.

“Dear Neighbor,

Could you please consider that sound travels and your grandkids are making a lot of noise.

We are all entitled to the ‘peaceful enjoyment’ in our apartments. Today your visitors have been screaming and dragging loud toys and disturbing the peace,” the letter began.

“You live in high density housing with lots of neighbours. We have kids in our building and they go to the park (sic) when they need to make noise. You can too.

“I just wanted a nice quiet day in my apartment but can’t have that as your supervision of kids is non-existent. Lack of considerations for others.

“If this continues I will consider contacting strata and police as we are aware of our rights.

There is no need for screaming. Thank you. It is our day of rest on Sunday.”

Shared on Reddit, the majority of the commenters appeared to side with the disgruntled neighbors.

“Children + apartments + wooden floors is easily the most horrible combination when you’re a neighbour,” one sympathiser wrote.

“Whilst I understand parenting isn’t easy, they’re just kids, kids make noise issue, god I can’t stand people letting their kids run amok in apartments!”

“I’ve been there – listening to the kid in the apartment beneath me run back and forth while screaming for hours,” another comment read. “Frankly, I don’t care if it was ‘just one night’ – still too much.”

While most said that consideration should be taken to minimize noise pollution in apartment blocks, they were surprised the note was sent after just once instance.

“As an apartment dweller myself, I totally understand their point. We have young kids too but make every effort to teach them to not bang and jump around as it echoes through the building,” read one comment.

“That said, I’d expect this kind of letter after repetitive noise disturbances, not just a one off.”

“Kids screaming does suck but this seems extreme if it was a one off and the kids aren’t actually living there,” shared another.

In a reverse situation, a woman was recently applauded for leaving a brutally honest note warning neighbors about her son’s behavior. The anonymous mum placed the letter under her neighbour’s windscreen wiper, and explained that her son dela is autistic and can be prone to disruptive and damaging moments.

“Please note, our son is impulsive and destructive,” read the letter.

“Since moving in, he has drawn on my car with texta, thrown a few rocks across the front of complex and hit a car that was parked where this one is. It would have smashed a window.”

As a result, she warned people from parking their cars beneath their balcony.

“I, as a parent of an ADHD/ASD child, can only pre-empt so much,” continued.

“Please only park here if you’re willing to accept damage to your car.”

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