Toll roads: How Sydney became most tolled city in the world

Sydneysiders forked out about $2 billion in tolls last year and the reason for the eye-watering amount is being blamed on the volume of toll roads in the state. NSW boasts 13 toll roads, much higher than Queensland’s six and Victoria’s three. And while as a state residents are feeling the pinch more than anywhere … Read more

NSW passes building licence law after Sydney mum injured by defective house

A law has changed in NSW to crack down on builders after a mum-of-two claimed a construction company’s defective work caused her to suffer “physical harm”. Earlier this month, reported on 36-year-old Alexandra Forwood, who paid $128,000 to a licensed builder called Adel Keir, of Building Renovation Centre, to renovate her home in southwest … Read more

Sydney builder Adel Keir’s 5-year construction industry ban after investigation

A simple renovation has turned into a nightmare for a family after it went horribly wrong, leaving the house in need of a complete demolition and costing more than $340,000 to fix. Alexandra Forwood, 36, bought a former housing commission home for her family in March last year in the suburb of Airds, in south … Read more