Canberra drug dealer accused of lying about who shot him due to ‘anti-snitching’ culture

An ACT Supreme Court jury has been urged to consider whether a group of bikies might have been responsible for a shooting in Canberra last year, during which a drug dealer was shot in the face. Key points: Sugimatatihuna ‘Sugi’ Mena is charged with attempted murder, while Bradley Joe Roberts and Rebecca Dulcie Parlov are … Read more

Work safety ban sparks constitutional dispute after COVID-19 fears shut down ACT Legislative Assembly

A constitutional showdown looms after the ACT’s safety watchdog shuts down the territory’s parliamentary hearings, stunning local politicians. Key points: A safety inspector has banned hearings in the Legislative Assembly, saying the confined rooms are a COVID-19 risk The Speaker, Joy Burch, says the interference is unprecedented and unconstitutional, and she is considering legal action … Read more

Canberra Airport evacuated after gunman fires shots in check-in area

Canberra Airport has been evacuated after a gunman fired shots in the check-in area of ​​the terminal. A man has been taken into custody by the police and a firearm has been recovered. ACT police say CCTV footage shows the person in custody to be the only person responsible for this incident. What appears to … Read more

Canberra man accused of money laundering as result of joint FBI-AFP investigation faces court

A Canberra man arrested in spectacular circumstances last month, after police seized more than $10 million in assets and cash, has appeared for the first time in the ACT Magistrates Court. Key points: Mr Talwar was arrested as part of a joint AFP-FBI investigation Police seized eight ACT properties, four luxury cars and more than … Read more

ACT police hiring criminal psychologist to better understand hoon drivers

ACT police have hired a criminal psychologist to help them tackle the problem of hoon driving in Canberra. Key points: Chief Police Officer Neil Gaughan says “better solutions” are needed to prevent hoon drivers Uriarra residents say the behavior particularly affects their village, and not enough is done to stop it Deputy Commissioner Gaughan say … Read more

Canberra’s light rail to become wireless through Parliamentary Triangle with joint federal and ACT government funded contract

Canberra’s light rail network will become wireless through the Parliamentary Triangle as construction continues into the city’s south, following a joint investment from the federal and ACT governments. Key points: Work to raise London Circuit as part of light rail stage 2A is expected to begin soon Five new vehicles will be added to the … Read more

ACT Drug and Alcohol Court saves Canberrans millions by diverting offenders from jail to treatment

The ACT’s Drug and Alcohol Court has saved more than $14 million in jail costs, even though it has only seen eight graduates, since it was set up in 2019, according to an Australian National University study. Key points: Since its inception in 2019, the court has seen eight graduates The report suggests most of … Read more

Canberra to get a full-time surgical service for gynaecological cancers

Jane Harriss has been fighting for a permanent surgical service for gynecological cancers in Canberra for almost two decades — with good reason. “My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer some years ago and she died with it, after having survived for seven years,” Ms Harriss said. “She was one of those people, who had … Read more

The 60 millionaires who paid no tax and the richest and poorest postcodes revealed

Sixty people earned more than $1 million yet paid no tax in 2019-20, Australia’s highest earners live in Perth, and the country’s lowest incomes have been recorded in regional New South Wales. Key points: ATO data shows 60 Australians who earned more than $1 million in 2019-20 did not pay a cent of income tax … Read more

ACT partners with federal government to build new composting and recycling facilities, cut emissions by a third

The federal government has announced $13 million in funding for a new large-scale composting facility in Canberra. Key points: The facility will divert 50,000 tonnes of food and garden waste from landfill annually A new materials recovery center will also be built to improve the quality of recycled products A recycling advocate says education is … Read more