Climate Activists Delay Beethoven Concert in Hamburg

Climate activists disrupted an orchestra at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, Germany, by gluing themselves to the conductor’s podium on Wednesday, November 23. A video posted by Letzte Generation on Twitter shows two activists wearing safety vests climb onto the stage as some in the crowd boo and shout “raus”, or “out”. “Just as … Read more

How Elizabeth Taylor Decided to Fight for AIDS Awareness

“I became so incensed and personally frustrated at the rejection I was receiving by just trying to get people’s attention. I was made so aware of the silence, this huge, loud silence regarding AIDS, how no one wanted to talk about it and no one wanted to become involved. Certainly no one wanted to give … Read more

Vancouver police identify pair who poured syrup on Emily Carr painting

Vancouver police say they’ve identified the suspects who dropped maple syrup on an Emily Carr painting and glued themselves to a wall at the Vancouver Art Gallery over the weekend. Sgt. Steve Addison says an investigation is underway and officers will be speaking to witnesses, reviewing security video and assessing the cost of the damage. … Read more

Tasmanian Liberals’ ecocide

The Tasmanian Liberal Government continues its wilful ecocide, the old-growth forests are decimated and dissidents, such as Dr Bob Brown, are arrested. Managing editor Michelle Pini reports. IN RECENT YEARS, under the Coalition-led Federal Government, an inordinate amount of rhetoric about “freedom of speech” has been spouted and duly broadcast across compliant media outlets. Peaceful, … Read more

Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Goya Paintings in Madrid

Activists glued their hands to the frames of two world-famous paintings by Spanish artist Francisco Goya at the Prado Museum in Madrid, on Saturday, November 5, in protest against inaction on global climate change. Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish activist group that has a history of carrying out non-violent civil disobedience to call for government action … Read more

How Queen Mother Moore Created a Blueprint for Black Reparations

“Something that is often missing from ‘reparations talk,’ ” legal scholar Alfred Brophy observed in 2010, “is a specific plan for repairing past tragedies.” California and New York have joined the dozen or so states and municipalities that have initiated what they are calling reparations programs. As a core platform issue, presidential candidate Marianne Williamson … Read more

Meet the women using beauty and fashion to reveal the ugly truth about military rule in Myanmar

As an activist, Sophia Sarkis is no stranger to delivering passionate speeches through a microphone. But this week, she’s doing it in a sash and 6-inch high heels. The mother-of-three is a finalist in the Mrs Universe Australia pageant, a competition for women who are or have been married. “This is not about beauty … … Read more

Radhika Jones on Art and Advocacy in Troubled Times

When the dobbs decision came down in June, I felt the urge to speak to people who had fought so hard for abortion rights before 1973—those who first envisioned an America in which abortion access was a federal protection. As it happens, I had recently met Gloria Steinem at an event for CARE, the humanitarian … Read more

AFLW’s Nell Morris-Dalton on balancing nursing and football, and improving conditions for women in sport

Self-identified feminist Nell Morris-Dalton isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. Earlier this year, the Western Bulldogs’ sixth AFLW season was derailed by the pandemic. So many players caught COVID that for two weeks running, the Dogs were unable to field a team. To make up for it, the part-time athletes would eventually play seven … Read more

Kiwi Farms: Trans activist Clara Sorrenti celebrates rare victory against online trolls

Belfast, Northern Ireland CNN Business — Clara Sorrenti, a trans activist who was forced to flee her home in Canada after users of a hate-filled website targeted her, has succeeded in her campaign to get the site taken offline, for now. Sorrenti, better known by her online username “Keffals,” became the target of a harassment … Read more