DOJ Antitrust Case Against American Airlines, JetBlue Heads to Trial

The US Department of Justice on Tuesday squared off Tuesday against two of the nation’s largest airlines at the start of an anti-trust trial seeking to undo a deep collaboration between American Airlines and JetBlue. The airlines in January 2021 formed the Northeast Alliance to share routes and customers in the US northeast. The DOJ … Read more

Qatar Airlines Sits Atop These 5 Airlines Considered The World’s Best For 2022

Selecting the right airline can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. This year and for the seventh time since 1999, Qatar Airways was named this year’s best airline by Skytrax review site. The Qatari airlines topped the site’s 2022 World’s Best Airlines to fly based on the survey of 14 million … Read more

Airlines Stop Service To 61 Airports Amid Pilot Shortage: Here’s The No-Fly List

As operating costs increase and pilot shortages become more challenging to manage, the airline industry is making service cuts that are affecting several airports. As many as 61 airports have seen American, Delta, and United drop their service since the pandemic started despite customer demand for flights increasing in the US, according to Ailevon Pacific … Read more

Qantas reels from repeated failures

The list of Qantas’ sins is lengthy and growing with diseased relish. Australia’s first and for decades only international airline, Qantas, is looking rather tattered of late. Its reliability is becoming something of the past; its standing diminished in an age of diminished international carriers. There was a time when taking a Qantas flight involved … Read more

What JetBlue, Spirit Airlines Merger Could Mean For Budget Travel

If it passes regulatory hurdles, JetBlue will officially own Spirit Airlines, buying its rival low-cost budget for $3.8 billion. Now, with a merger between the two on the horizon, airline travel could once again change for consumers who use both companies. The merger, if it is a success, will see two very different carriers merge … Read more

Budget-Friendly Avelo Airlines Adds 4 New Cities To Its Flight Service

Budget-friendly airline Avelo Airlines is adding four new cities to its operations as it continues its expansion plans. The new routes will service the Midwest and Southeast regions of the US, with the addition of Lansing, Michigan; Newport News/Williamsburg, Virginia; Lexington, Kentucky; and Kalamazoo, Michigan. Avelo will begin flying to all four new locations by … Read more

Adelaide couple spends 48 hours on a bus to get home from Darwin after flight cancellation

An Adelaide couple holidaying in the Northern Territory said they had to take a 48-hour bus trip home after their Jetstar flight was canceled over the weekend. Key points: Therese Kenny spent 48 hours on a bus so that she could get home after her flight was canceled A Greyhound Australia spokesman said there has … Read more

United Airlines Cuts More Cities From Its Flight Service

United Airlines (UAL) joins the growing list of airlines that are dropping flight service due to pilot shortages and cost-cutting measures amid the pandemic. According to Business Insider, United is dropping three routes and eliminating two cities from its flight operations. The airline will no longer fly between Texarkana, Arkansas, and Houston, starting on Sept. … Read more

Pilot Strikes Threaten Airlines After Weeks Of Delays, Cancelations Ahead Of July 4

Ahead of July 4th, pilots striking across the US could hinder flight plans for thousands ahead of the holiday. On Thursday, over 1,200 Delta Airlines off-duty pilots began a strike in a demonstration spanning seven airports—in New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Los Angeles. A shortage of pilots led to … Read more

Aussie airlines brace for hectic days as school holidays begin

SYDNEY, July 1 (Xinhua) — Australia’s national airline, Qantas, and its subsidiary, Jetstar, are expecting to fly more than 350,000 domestic passengers during the first few days of July as school holidays begin in much of the country. Schools in New South Wales (NSW), Western Australia (WA) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) began their … Read more