Russia Warns Ukraine’s Western Sponsors

Russia labeled the German Leopard 2 tanks being delivered to Ukraine as “dirty nuclear bombs,” before warning “the Western sponsors of the Kyiv military machine” against sending the armored vehicles. Konstantin Gavrilov, the head of the Russian delegation at Vienna’s Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe on Military Security and Arms Control forum, said … Read more

‘Very High Level’ Russian Officials Are Defecting; Agents, Generals And Wagner Commander Included

High-level Russian officials are allegedly defecting to the West amid the war in Ukraine, according to a report. Among the defectors were generals, intelligence agents, Wagner mercenaries and a Wagner commander, Vladimir Osechkin, an investigative journalist and anti-corruption activist, told CNN, who called him “the champion of a growing number of high-level Russian officials defecting … Read more

Putin Claims ‘American Occupation Troops’ Are In Germany

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday claimed “American occupation troops” are still in Germany. Putin made the allegation during a meeting with students at Moscow State University. He, however, did not provide any proof to substantiate his claim. “The largest country in Europe, an economic giant, is the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany has been … Read more

How Rich Are The Walmart Family Members?

Founded by brothers Samuel “Sam” Moore Walton and James “Bud” Laurence Walton in 1962, Walmart is the largest retailer in terms of sales. It is a brand that has grown over the years through its retail and wholesale business, known for its affordable prices. It provides an assortment of merchandise and services made accessible to … Read more

McDonald’s And Chipotle Are Winning The Fast Food War

McDonald’s and Chipotle are winning the fast food and quick-service restaurant (QSR) wars in the US market. According to a recent report from foot traffic analytics firm, titled 2022 and Beyond: Catching Up With McDonald’s & Chipotle, both chains have maintained momentum even in the pandemic era and are ready for another good year … Read more

Severely Injured Russian Soldiers Are Sent Back To Ukraine War Without Doctor’s Approval: Report

Russian soldiers who have been severely injured in the war in Ukraine are being sent back to the frontline without approval from the military medical commission, a report showed. Two Russian servicemen who were receiving treatment for severe lung wounds were told by their commanders that they would be sent to the battlefield again instead … Read more

Here’s Where Russian Officials’ Children Are Vacationing During Ukraine War

The children of Russian officials who have been sanctioned in connection to the war in Ukraine have continued to visit NATO and EU countries, an investigative reporter found. In a report by Sergey Ezhov for the Russia-focused, independent media outlet The Insider, the journalist noted that Dubai, Bali and the Maldives are among the top … Read more

Ohio Architect And Fiancée Are Still Missing After Vanishing In Mexico Christmas Day

An Ohio architect and his fiancée are still missing in Mexico after vanishing on Christmas Day. Jose Gutierrez, 38, his fiancée, Daniela Márquez, 31, and her two relatives went out to eat in Zacatecas in central Mexico on Sunday but have not been heard from since, Jose’s sister, Brandie Gutierrez, told Cincinnati’s Fox 19. “He … Read more

Russian Troops Are Deserting Their Posts ‘En Masse,’ 200 Soldiers Wanted: Ukraine Intel

More than 200 Russian soldiers are now wanted after leaving their posts in Ukraine “en masse,” according to Ukrainian intelligence. Both Russian servicemen and mercenaries have left their posts in the temporarily occupied region of Zaporizhzhia. They are now being searched by separate divisions of the Russian guard, the General Staff of the Armed Forces … Read more

Are Russian Soldiers In Ukraine Storing Their Frozen Sperm? Lawyer Makes Claim As 300K Are Mobilized

Russian soldiers can now store their sperm in cryobanks free of charge, according to a Russian lawyer. The comments were recently made public as 300,000 soldiers have been mobilized to fight in Ukraine. Igor Trunov, chairman of the Russian Union of Lawyers, said the country’s health ministry responded to his appeal for financial assistance for … Read more