Philly and Joel Embiid announce their presence with authority

Joel Embiid and Philly stuck it to the Nuggets on Saturday.Image: Getty Images Following a double OT loss to the lowly Houston Rockets on Dec. 5, the Philadelphia 76ers were a .500 ball club. Doc Rivers, Joel Embiid, and James Harden all had that sad, whiny look on their faces as if you just told … Read more

Redditor thinks Memphis Grizzlies fudging Jaren Jackson’s stats

Image: Getty Images The Memphis Grizzlies have only had one Defensive Player of the Year winner — Marc Gasol (2013) — but that could change this year. Right now, forward Jaren Jackson Jr. is the favorite to win the 2023 DPOY Award despite only playing 33 games this year. He’s a massive favorite actually. His … Read more

Is Luka Doncic playing tonight against the Utah Jazz? | January 28th, 2023

NBA All-Star starter Luka Doncic played just three minutes in the Dallas Mavericks’ 99-95 win over the Phoenix Suns two nights ago. He will be in street clothes for tonight’s matchup against the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City. “Luka Legend” has largely been healthy this season, missing just five of the Mavericks’ 50 games. … Read more

Memphis Grizzlies show support for Tyre Nichols

Image: AP A week ago tonight I sat here and wrote about why I didn’t want to touch on the Memphis Grizzlies getting into a verbal altercation with Shannon Sharpe during a game against the Los Angeles Lakers. The point of that article was to illustrate why it’s important to stay current on issues that … Read more

Who is James Dolan? Is he planning on selling New York Knicks? All you need to know

James Dolan has been the owner of the New York Knicks since 1999, when he was given an increased role. Before becoming the owner, Dolan was part of an organization that acquired Madison Square Garden, making him the owner of the home of the famed NBA franchise. Dolan owns Cablevision, the company that bought MSG … Read more

3 best scenarios for the Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are in a hotly-contested race for at least the fourth seed in the loaded Eastern Conference. Before the injury to Kevin Durant, they were, at one point, just one game behind the Boston Celtics for the best record in their conference. Durant’s absence due to an MCL sprain has only highlighted the … Read more

Women’s sports on ESPN riles up conservative journalist Whitlock

Image: AP Here we go. Again. Women’s sports are given media coverage, and men feel the need to make sure we all know no one cares about women’s sports. “Women’s sports aren’t interesting.” “Men’s sports are better.” “Women don’t deserve media coverage.” It intrigues me that people who claim to care so little about women’s … Read more

Women’s leagues WNBA, etc. have ushered in sports’ golden age

Image: Getty Images Choosing between women’s and men’s sports is a false choice. If you’re a certain blogger for Glenn Beck’s conservative Blaze media, revisionist history can be a comfort zone that vilifies feminism in sports as your woke sports boogeyman, but makes you look like a headadass instead. Jason Whitlock’s resentment-driven tweet on women’s … Read more

NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL must give fans high-scoring games

We pine for offense, and regret low-scoring games, so why deny fans their innermost desires?Photo: Getty Images When someone goes for 85 points in an NBA game this season, please don’t downplay the accomplishment. I know Kobe Bryant’s 81 is immortalized, and Lakers fans don’t have much to keep them warm at night nowadays, so … Read more

We need 76ers-Nets playoff matchup so Embiid can troll Durant

Keep on trollin’, babyImage: AP We need a Philadelphia 76ers vs. brooklyn nets series in the postseason. For the trolling, if not the talent. These teams squared off Wednesday night with only philly at full strength since Kevin Durant is still sidelined for Brooklyn. Although he wasn’t on the court, Durant managed to make his … Read more