SEC Network’s Peter Burns with a major faux pas against colleague Ben Watson

screenshot🇧🇷 SEC Network Work is work, even when part of the job description is to appear to be best friends on television. The goal of a sports studio is for the jocks to be jocular. However, not everybody can be Ernie, Charles, Shaq, and Kenny, and even they get upset from time to time🇧🇷 It’s … Read more

Australia public holiday: King Charles III birthday to go unmarked, day off to stay in June

Aussies holding the hope of getting a new public holiday to celebrate the new monarch are set to be disappointed, with King Charles III celebrating his birthday without much fanfare down under. The existing Queen’s Birthday public holiday is expected to remain in place, but will be renamed for King Charles III where necessary. In … Read more

Somerton Man face search suggests correct Charles Webb is in Swinburne football photo

Further evidence has emerged to corroborate suspicions that the individual identified as the Somerton Man was pictured in a junior football team photo taken more than 100 years ago. Key points: The Somerton Man was identified by researchers earlier this year as Carl “Charles” Webb Subsequent research shows that the same Webb attended Swinburne in … Read more

King Charles has helpers shave his face, prepare his toothbrush, book claims

More palace insiders have come forward to reveal King Charles’ alleged quirks. In his new biography The King: The Life of Charles IIIset to hit shelves next Tuesday, royal author Christopher Andersen reveals surprising details about “one of the most eccentric sovereigns Great Britain has ever had”. Andersen alleges in the book that former valet … Read more

The Crown: Netflix series recreates Princess Diana’s funeral procession

Netflix’s popular and highly awarded series The Crown has once again stirred the fury of fierce royalists. The Emmy-winning show about the British royal family is currently in production on its sixth and final season, which will span between the mid-nineties to the early-2000s. One of the key moments anchoring the drama will be the … Read more

Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister: Boris Johnson ‘will run to replace her’

Boris Johnson is plotting a return to power and will run to replace Liz Truss as UK Prime Minister after her resignation last night, sources say. Ms Trus threw in the towel after crisis talks with senior members of the Conservative Party on Thursday afternoon (UK time). She was in charge for just 44 days … Read more

Liz Truss resigns as UK Prime Minister

Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister of the UK after her brief tenure in charge saw Britain’s economy spectacularly plunged into turmoil. Ms Truss announced her decision after crisis talks with senior members of the party on Thursday. She was leader for just 44 days – the shortest premiership in British history. Speaking on … Read more

how we can bring respect to Australian democracy

This is a piece by Stan Grant, Professor of Indigenous Belonging at Charles Sturt University, and Jack Jacobs, Research Fellow at Charles Sturt University, following the launch of the Yindyamarra Pledge for democracy: a call to reimagine Australian democracy. Democracy is under siege. In every corner of the world, it faces external and domestic threats … Read more

The Crown’s new season will include ‘painful’ details about Charles and Diana’s crumbling marriage

The upcoming season of The CrownNetflix’s drama about the British royal family, is set to dredge up every painful detail of King Charles’ marriage to the late Princess Diana just as the United Kingdom is rallying around the new monarch. Season five rakes over some of the most intimate aspects of their crumbling marriage in … Read more

Aboriginal artist David Hudson calls for respect and reform following Queen Elizabeth’s death

Cairns-based Indigenous artist and tourism pioneer David Hudson has a unique perspective on the furore unfolding in the wake of the Queen’s death. Key points: Indigenous man David Hudson believes discussions about the late Queen Elizabeth can be respectful, while acknowledging failings of the monarchy Anti-monarchy protest organizer Ruby Wharton says her group encourages flag … Read more