Russia Claims Ukraine Army Is Losing 200 Soldiers Daily On The Zaporozhye Frontline

Russia is claiming it is killing up to 200 Ukrainian military troops daily in the Zaporozhye (Zaporizhzhia) region. The claim was made by Vladimir Rogov, chairman of the We Stand with Russia movement, during an interview with Russian state news agency TASS. However, Rogov did not provide any evidence to support his claim. “The Ukrainian … Read more

Putin Claims ‘American Occupation Troops’ Are In Germany

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday claimed “American occupation troops” are still in Germany. Putin made the allegation during a meeting with students at Moscow State University. He, however, did not provide any proof to substantiate his claim. “The largest country in Europe, an economic giant, is the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany has been … Read more

China Claims Innovative Breakthrough For Missiles To Tackle Laser Defense

Chinese researchers claim to have achieved an innovative breakthrough in developing a material that can prevent laser defense systems from blinding infrared sensors of missiles. Professor Lu Yuan and his team at China’s National University of Defense Technology in Hefei claim to have created a new transparent coating material using the chemical substance vanadium. When … Read more

Germany Shuts Down Poland’s Push for WWII Reparations

Germany Shuts Down, Poland’s Push for, WWII Reparations. On January 3, Germany rebuffed Poland’s push for vast reparations over World War II. CNN reports that Poland estimates its WWII losses caused by Germany equal approximately $1.4 trillion. . While Warsaw has repeatedly demanded reparations be made, Berlin has insisted that all financial claims related to … Read more

Ukraine Strikes Russian Base Killing 400 Soldiers; Kremlin Claims Only 63 Died

The Armed Forces of Ukraine on Sunday carried out a missile strike on a Russian base located in the temporarily occupied region of Donetsk, killing at least 400 of Moscow’s draftees, according to a report. The missile strike targeted a vocational school in Makiivka that served as the temporary shelter for Russian draftees, as per … Read more

Russian Conscripts Expect ‘Victory By Springtime’ As Putin Claims ‘Moral, Historical Rightness’

Russian conscripts are expecting to achieve victory in the war against Ukraine “by springtime” as the conflict extends into its tenth month, according to a report. Speaking to The Moscow Times, 44-year-old volunteer soldier Zviad said the Russian army only needs to “overcome” the difficulties in the conflict in Ukraine to bring together “a commonwealth … Read more

Russian Media Falsely Claims Protest From 2020 Happened Recently, Ukrainians Rally Against Government

Ukraine media debunked Russian propaganda claiming that Ukrainians recently staged a protest against the Ukrainian government over rising utility costs. A Russian media outlet and Telegram channels began spreading a video showing pensioners and people with disabilities in the Ukrainian city of Berdychiv in the Zhytomyr region burning their utility bills in protest against the … Read more

Ukraine Denies Putin’s Claims Russia Open To Negotiations: ‘Tries To Avoid Responsibility’

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has questioned claims by Russian President Vladimir Putin that Russia is open to negotiations with Ukraine to end the war. Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky’s adviser, said on his Twitter account that Putin “needs to come back to reality.” Podolyak argued that Russia does not want negotiations and evading its … Read more

Putin Planning Escape To South America When Russia Implodes, Ex-Aide Claims

With the war in Ukraine floundering, the Kremlin has reportedly drawn up a plan for President Vladimir Putin and his entourage to escape to South America in case Russia implodes after a defeat. Abbas Gallyamov, a former speechwriter for Putin now living in exile, made the stunning claim on Telegram early Wednesday. According to Gallyamov, … Read more

Russia Claims Ukraine Army Offers $1,000 For Each Russian Soldier Killed In War

A rumor circulating in Russia claims that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF) is offering cash incentives for each Russian military personnel killed in the war, according to Ukrainian authorities. In a report published on Facebook on Wednesday, the UAF General Staff said the rumor, which is spreading across Russian territory, claims the monetary reward … Read more