Mission Australia Youth Survey Report: Teenagers concerned about environment, mental health

Young people are most concerned about finances, housing instability, the environment and their mental health, a Mission Australia survey has revealed. The youth survey report showed the environment (51.0 percent), equity and discrimination (35.9 percent) and mental health (33.9 percent) were key issues for teenagers aged 15 to 19. Mission Australia chief executive Sharon Callister … Read more

Climate Council report finds Queensland bears highest cost of climate disasters in Australia

Queensland suffered more economic damage from extreme weather disasters than any other state or territory, and more extreme weather is on the way. key points: Disasters have cost Queensland about $30 billion since the 1970s The former QFES commissioner says the disaster management system is under pressure Public infrastructure damage in south-east Queensland has cost … Read more

Rural properties going off-grid with renewables for energy security and to reduce costs

When Roxanne and Luke Hinton started planning their finger lime farm on the idyllic Capricorn Coast several years ago, they had little idea it would double as a highly successful off-grid wedding venue in just a few years. “We wanted to build something meaningful for us and our family,” Ms Hinton said. The entire operation … Read more

Australian floods of 1950s were driven by same weather forces behind this year’s record rains

In the 1950s, flood and rain records were set in New South Wales that stood unchallenged for a lifetime. Until now. key points: In the 1950s, almost every river in New South Wales experienced major flooding As a result, the SES was formed, and dams and levees were built Similar climate drivers to 2022 drove … Read more

Lobby groups’ scare campaign an insult to flooded communities

A scare campaign by irrigation lobby groups suggesting the Federal Government wants to create massive artificial floods with its Murray-Darling water targets is disappointing and incorrect, writes Tyler Rotche. VICTORIA AND NSW’s flood emergency is an ongoing disaster. Although communities are coming together to help those most impacted, many people are still contending with a … Read more

Conservation efforts may have worsened catastrophic bushfires in south-east Australia, study finds

Legislation changes to improve conservation may have exacerbated catastrophic bushfires in south-east Australia, according to new research. key points: Researchers have found catastrophic bushfires occurred after implementing conservation laws A study found the need for more fuel-reduction burns and liaising with Indigenous and local people Another researcher says anthropogenic climate change is to blame for … Read more

Victoria state election 2022: Liberal seats most at risk

Liberal leader Matthew Guy is facing an impossible task to form government tonight in Victoria and one of his biggest problems is that he is likely to lose some inner metro seats despite likely gains in other places. According to political pollsters and strategists, the Liberal Party seats most at risk include Kew, Mornington and … Read more

Loxton Tree of Knowledge flood levels sparks climate change debate

A picture of a tree in regional South Australia has sparked a wild climate change debate. As floodwaters from the River Murray crept up the Loxton’s Tree of Knowledge, one local thought it was a good time to take a picture to put things into perspective. The photo posted on social media shows the tree … Read more

Climate Activists Delay Beethoven Concert in Hamburg

Climate activists disrupted an orchestra at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, Germany, by gluing themselves to the conductor’s podium on Wednesday, November 23. A video posted by Letzte Generation on Twitter shows two activists wearing safety vests climb onto the stage as some in the crowd boo and shout “raus”, or “out”. “Just as … Read more

Australia’s debt to the world greater given our ‘real’ carbon emissions

New data revealing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are much higher than reported means pressure is on the Federal Government to go beyond current commitments toward global climate action, writes professor Jeremy Moss🇧🇷 THE RECENT Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) meeting in Egypt must ultimately be judged … Read more