Climate Activists Delay Beethoven Concert in Hamburg

Climate activists disrupted an orchestra at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg, Germany, by gluing themselves to the conductor’s podium on Wednesday, November 23. A video posted by Letzte Generation on Twitter shows two activists wearing safety vests climb onto the stage as some in the crowd boo and shout “raus”, or “out”. “Just as … Read more

Politicians persist in plundering the planet for profit

So long as governments remain in the pocket of the logging industry, we will continue to destroy our forests and kill the planet, writes Dermot Daley. SOME AUSTRALIANS may remember logging protests from the 1970s and throughout the 1990s in Goolengook and Errinundra in eastern Victoria, where passionate conservationists resisted indiscriminate logging and encountered aggressive … Read more

Rupert Murdoch is leading Australia to climate ruin: FLASHBACK 2019

The UN has issued a direct warning at the start of COP27 that our world is speeding down a “highway to climate hell”. Australia is prone to devastating natural disasters, from the current flooding to the recent Black Summer bushfires. In this article from 2019, Dr Norm Sanders examined how the Murdoch media is fueling … Read more

Ukraine war turns COP27 into a summit with little hope

The war in Ukraine is seeing parts of Europe reverting to coal as the price of oil soars, leaving the upcoming COP27 a futile endeavor, writes Manuel Ostos. CLIMATE CHANGE is no longer an issue for scientists and specialists. Currently, it is a serious problem that affects us all and we don’t know if it … Read more

Climate Activists Glue Themselves to Goya Paintings in Madrid

Activists glued their hands to the frames of two world-famous paintings by Spanish artist Francisco Goya at the Prado Museum in Madrid, on Saturday, November 5, in protest against inaction on global climate change. Futuro Vegetal, a Spanish activist group that has a history of carrying out non-violent civil disobedience to call for government action … Read more

NSW Police harass anti-mining protestors

I think the NSW Police have trauma bonded with the word “Blockade”. This week, activists held a small demonstration outside the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) in Sydney. Activists regularly do that outside this conference, it’s called “Blockade IMARC“. Blockade IMARC organizers even completed a “Form 1”, which is how you notify NSW authorities … Read more

Reliance on outdated maps putting councils backward in flood planning

Some councils are still relying on outdated paper maps as supercharged storms make a mockery of flood planning, writes Mark Ellis. WHOLE TOWNS AND CITIES are seemingly locked into more frequent and severe flooding. Business-as-usual development continues despite extreme weather and sea-level rises due to climate change. While some local councils have online mapping, others … Read more

Electric vehicle transition has huge health benefits

A transition to electric vehicles would not only help the environment but provide personal health benefits as well, writes Dr David Shearman. AT A TIME when a spate of new coal and gas mines are being planned around the world and in Australia, and when science tells us time is now short to avoid climate … Read more

Australian innovation could convert petrol engines to electric

After the Morrison Government failed to tackle the climate crisis, Labor should consider a push to convert petrol engines to electric, writes Dermot Daley. THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT of 2022 has much to consider, what with the mess left behind by its predecessors, the very real threat of the climate emergency and associated environmental destruction, and … Read more

Australia lacks a fuel efficiency standard — you could make it happen

The fuel efficiency standard would be a critical measure in fixing the climate crisis and it’s up to the public to make their voices heard, writes David Ritter. HERE’S A RIDDLE for you: What stinks, results in garbage being dumped in Australia and is just the same in Russia? Answer: The fact that Australia does … Read more