Morrison’s love of Murdoch has left ABC in the dust

Scott Morrison has shown an aversion to appearing in ABC interviews, preferring to be represented by the right-wing mainstream media, writes Jeremy Epstein. PRIME MINISTER Scott Morrison surprised the fine folks over at the national broadcaster recently by turning down their invitation for a pre-election debate with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, instead choosing to have … Read more

Independents could usher in new democratic era, starting with Wentworth

Polls are showing a triumph within reach for Allegra Spender as the popularity of Independent candidates continues to grow, writes Professor Kerryn Phelps. THE PEN has dropped that Australian politics is NY a process of rapid evolution. A dramatic shift in voter sentiment has seen a third of Australians say they will vote for Independents, … Read more

FIN is the real deal in fight for anti-corruption commission

While many parties, Labor included, promise a Federal ICAC, FIN is the only party truly committed to eradicating government corruption, writes Ross Jones. THE POLITICAL PARTY Federal ICAC Now (FIN) had its inception in the pages of Independent THEaustralia on 12 May 2020. Two years later, in May 2022, the Party is contesting above the … Read more

David Donovan interview on Morrison’s Pentecostal politics

ITHE founder and publisher David Donovan had much to say when asked by Tuesday Drive‘s David Barr about the lack of secularism in Australian politics. With much discussion recently about the Seven Mountains Mandate and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate’s appointment of a “spiritual advisor”, the Pentecostal Church has crept its way into our governments … Read more

Cuts to public sector spending underpin Coalition’s forecast budget improvement

The Coalition has said it would improve the budget bottom line over the next four years by roughly a billion dollars, by driving down spending on the public service. Key points: The government will increase the efficiency dividend, which cuts public sector spending, to 2 per cent The Coalition says the move will raise $2 … Read more

Mad ‘Bulldozer’ Morrison ─ can he fix it? No, he can’t

Is Scott Morrison so delusional, so out of touch with reality, so lacking in insight, that he actually believes some of the nonsense he says? Because nothing he says – or so close to nothing as to make no difference – can ever really be believed, or taken at face value. On Saturday, in MP … Read more

Government documents used for climate change preparation kept secret after Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearing

Conflict within the Coalition on climate policy has made it harder for public servants to give frank advice about preparing for worsening weather extremes like floods and fires, according to the sworn testimony of a senior bureaucrat. Key points: The government has held a number of “war-gamed” climate scenarios from the public, claiming the topic … Read more

Prime Minister Scott Morrison gives his final 7.30 interview of the 2022 campaign with Leigh Sales — as it happened

Morrison brands Albanese ‘an armchair critic’ Leigh Sales reads a quote from Anthony Albanese, which says “they always react too little, too late, whether it’s the bushfire crisis, ordering enough vaccines, responding to victims of floods,” and then tells Mr Morrison that those three issues are ‘indisputable’ “. Mr Morrison says: “They’re the comments of … Read more

Scott Morrison ‘not contemplating’ quitting if he loses election, claims he can defy polls again and win a second term on Saturday

Prime Minister Scott Morrison claims he can defy national opinion polls and win Saturday’s federal election, saying Australians want him to be a “more inclusive” Prime Minister if he gets another term in power. Key points: Scott Morrison says he is not contemplating standing aside as party leader if the Coalition loses, and is “not … Read more

Government needs a strategic vision for arts and culture

With a possible change in government on the way, it’s time to focus on the importance of arts policy in Australia, write Leya Reid and Georgie Cyrillo. THREE OUT OF FOUR Australians sought out arts and culture during the pandemic to improve their mood and quality of life. Now more than ever, arts and culture … Read more