NBA news 2022: 76ers are the real losers in James Harden-Ben Simmons trade bust

In February this year, the question was who won the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade. Now it’s a question of who lost it worse. In February, the question was who won the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade. Now it’s a question of who lost it worse. And right now, Philadelphia has a Harden problem. Watch Live Coverage … Read more

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn taking aim at NBA for scheduling preseason game in the UAE

Make it make sense.illustration: shutterstock Conservative politics and professional sports leagues have long been intertwined as bedfellows. However, that attitude has shifted since the Trump was. Now, more Republicans despise the NFL than ever, according to a LA Times/SurveyMonkey poll conducted early this year. Despite watching it on Sundays, their changing opinions stem from believing … Read more

Why the underhand free-throw died and other NBA oddities

Remember Jack Taylor? Does 138 points at Grinnell College ring a bell? These are absurd numbers setting a college record and surpassing even Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point NBA game. The aftermath was predictable, Sports Illustrated and ESPN wrote articles about him, The Dan Patrick Show and Jimmy Kimmel invited him on their shows, even Kobe Bryant … Read more

Everyone is a loser in the James Harden for Ben Simmons deal

Welp, none of that worked.Image: AP Upon hearing the news of any trade, the first reaction is to think about which team won the trade initially. In the NBA court of public opinion, that distinction usually goes to the side that obtains the most prominent name or superstar player. With Ben Simmons (and others) being … Read more

Philadelphia 76ers’ playoffs hopes now on James Harden with Joel Embiid out

James Harden has to carry the 76ers now, and that has never worked out before.Image: Getty Images Before Sixers fans could even breathe a sigh of relief over the possibility of going to a Game 7 despite a 3-0 lead, they’re gasping for air upon hearing the news that Joel Embiid is out indefinitely with … Read more

Is it finally winning time for Philadelphia 7ers?

Is “the process” finally worthy of being trusted?Image: Getty Images On Saturday, the 76ers began the postseason by breezing past the Toronto Raptors with a ho-hum 131-111 drubbing. The 2022 playoffs is a significant crucible for Philadelphia. The legacy of The Process is at stake. If HBO ever decides to expand its foray into NBA … Read more

A solution for college coaches pissed off at the transfer portal

Kirby Smart and Nick Saban hate the transfer portalImage: Getty Images College coaches griping about the transfer portal and NIL deals turning college athletics into the Wild West is the new salmon crudo, aka a dish that’s so popular and served so often that Padma and Tom made fun of its omnipresence during an episode … Read more

Civil servant Kyrie Irving probably shouldn’t Google ‘Nets owner-China ties’

nets owner Joe Tsai has some problems.Image: Getty Images Two of the people not quoted in ESPN’s Nearly Flawless Piece about Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai’s problematic ties to China — including a business under the umbrella of his company developing facial recognition software that may or may not have been equipped with an “Uyghur … Read more

Stephen A. Smith falls for fake Nets report

Got him!Image: Getty Images Ballsack Sports emerged in late 2021 as a purveyor of satirical headlines and semi-professional graphics that were fleshed out by unsourced quotes. Their juvenile Twitter name and logo (if you look hard enough) gave the impression that it was obviously satire. Clearly, the signals not to take it seriously didn’t register … Read more

Enes Freedom isn’t on an NBA team because he’s bad at basketball

The funny thing about free markets is teams don’t have to pay you if you suck.Image: AP I’m going to make this quick because there is far too much ink and time spent on Enes Freedom, a one-trick pony on the court who learned a new trick to stay relevant off of it. He made … Read more