Morrison’s love of Murdoch has left ABC in the dust

Scott Morrison has shown an aversion to appearing in ABC interviews, preferring to be represented by the right-wing mainstream media, writes Jeremy Epstein. PRIME MINISTER Scott Morrison surprised the fine folks over at the national broadcaster recently by turning down their invitation for a pre-election debate with Labor Leader Anthony Albanese, instead choosing to have … Read more

Media framing of wage rises shows deep ideological bias

The news media’s framing of debates about wage rises reveals subtle yet powerful class bias is alive and well in the mainstream media. When Labor’s support for wage rises is seen as “controversial”, while Liberals’ opposition to wage rises is viewed as “natural”, it shows that there is no such thing as a view from … Read more

Scott Morrison has ten key election messages — nine are not true

In his pitch for re-election, Scott Morrison is hammering several talking points that the facts overwhelmingly refute, as Alan Austin reports. IN THE FINAL leaders’ debate last week, Prime Minister Morrison looked straight down the camera at Australian voters and said: “It took the Coalition six years to clean up the fiscal mess from the … Read more

Claims that minimum wage rise risks ‘runaway’ inflation bogus

The war over wages has become central to public debate in the lead-up to the Federal Election, with Albanese advocating real wages could rise alongside productivity growth, writes Graham White. THERE IS something depressing about the current debate over lifting the minimum wage. Apparently, the only way we can see the economy as functioning properly, … Read more

Were minor parties the big winners? 3 experts on the final leaders’ debate

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese faced off in the third and final leaders’ debate on Wednesday night on the Seven network, ten days ahead of the federal election on May 21. Both leaders were criticized after the previous debate for being overly shouty and aggressive, so were perhaps unsurprisingly more civil this time around. The … Read more

Third leaders debate ended in an awkward moment for Morrison, but Albanese was the clear winner

Of the three leaders’ debates in this campaign, Anthony Albanese performed best in Wednesday night’s less shouty, more civilized encounter. He looked more relaxed than Scott Morrison, more confident (no doubt due to every public and internal poll conducted in recent weeks) and most importantly, scored more policy wins. The opening skirmish over wages was … Read more

Leaders’ debate: Albanese wins final debate, Morrison confirms Tudge will re-enter cabinet if re-elected

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese won the third and final leaders’ debate on Wednesday night, which saw he and Prime Minister Scott Morrison cover a number of well-trodden issues. Key points: Cost of living, wages and an integrity commission were all dominant themes Out of the 160 undecided voters, 54 per cent voted in favor of … Read more

Cutting through the accusations and acrimony to get to the facts of the second leaders’ debate

The second leaders’ debate on the Nine Network last night was full of accusations and acrimony. Amidst the shouting and over-talking coming from both Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese, it was easy for the facts to get lost. You’re probably wondering how close some of the things that were said came … Read more

Let Scotty shout through a debate on a fairer playing field

With the country talking about the shambles of the so-called “Great Debate” on Nine on Sunday night, Dr Lee Duffield raises the case for getting a serious debate on the ABC. WITH POLLS looking bad for Prime Minister Scott Morrison, just a fortnight until the Election, he must do something and analysts, to be fair, … Read more

Leaders debate live updates: Morrison faces Albanese

Catie McLeod, NCA NewsWire Scott Morrison has made a massive $53 million pre-election promise for aspiring parents, which would allow people with cancer who are hoping to become parents to access cheaper IVF. The Prime Minister announced the package on Sunday to help prospective parents with reproductive services, pregnancy planning and postnatal care. The Coalition … Read more