NFL Sunday Ticket is being sold, but how will it change?

What happens next for Sunday Ticket?screenshot: NFL Sunday Ticket Cable/satellite isn’t dead, but it’s hanging onto life by a thread, and the biggest reason why many people still have cable is leaving very soon. DirecTV has been the only place for NFL Sunday Ticket for several years now. While an average NFL fan may only … Read more

Dick’s Sporting Goods offering employees more access to abortions than SCOTUS

There’s at least one company out there you can feel good about buying from.Image: Getty Images Dick’s Sporting Goods has yet again provided the template for how American companies can respond to politicians’ refusal to act with their own private policies. Following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade, the company’s CEO announced that … Read more

Disney worker rips company over vow to pay abortion costs

A Florida Disney employee ripped the company’s campaign to cover abortion travel costs for workers, telling The Post on Saturday it’ll be bad for business and would “alienate” customers. Jose Castillo, who works in resort management in Orlando, accused the Walt Disney Co. of trying to influence politics after wading into the fraught abortion issue … Read more

Disney Parks Employees Worldwide Celebrate International Yoga Day

Disney cast members and employees celebrated International Yoga Day on Tuesday with yoga at its various parks worldwide. Yoga sessions from small to very large groups occurred at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani Resort in Hawaii, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, and Disney’s Vero Beach. Shanghai Disney and Hong Kong Disney celebrated with a virtual yoga … Read more

10 Animated Disney Movies Coming In 2022-2023 After ‘Lightyear’

Over the next 18 months, Disney will release 10 more animated movies in theaters and on Disney+ after “Lightyear.” “Lightyear,” which was released on Friday, is the fourth major Disney animated movie of 2022. “Turning Red,” “Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers,” and “The Bob’s Burgers Movie,” were also released in 2022. Disney creates its animation … Read more

Pixar’s Lightyear Is Triggering the Latest Right-Wing Anti-LGBTQ+ Panic

The conservative outrage machine has picked its next target and it’s about to hit theaters: Disney-Pixar’s Lightyear, the Toy Story spin-off movie out Friday. “Disney works to push a ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’…Parents should keep that in mind before deciding whether to take their kids to see ‘Lightyear,’” tweeted Ben Shapiro, one of the most popular … Read more

When we’ll see Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James for an NBA title

You know you want it.Image: Getty Images It’s the 2043 NBA Finals. The erosion of the east coast is impossible to ignore, and it will be illegal to hold summer football activities outdoors because the average temperature in most places will be 115 degrees. But indoors, the matchup the world has been waiting for will … Read more

MLS becomes first sports league to go full streaming

Apple CEO Tim Cookphoto: AP Well, someone was going to do it. Other leagues have dipped a toe (dip that toe, dude), such as MLB’s Friday night odds-fest interrupted by occasional baseball on Apple, or the NHL’s exclusive game on ESPN+ and Hulu this season. There’s the NFL putting Troy Aikman’s weary gape on Thursday … Read more

Rams give Aaron Donald massive raise

Aaron Donaldillustration: Getty Images What does saving the Super Bowl and being arguably the best NFL player — certainly the best one not named Patrick Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers — get a person? Fortunately, for Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams, not a contract dispute that lasts into training camp. There have been rumors … Read more

The Ohio GOP would like to ‘inspect’ your daughters’ genitals

photo: Getty Images Ohio’s ban on trans youth in sports is the epitome of the conservative culture war on the LGBTQ community. Their obsession has reached pathological levels. Last week, Ohio’s Republican-dominated House approved a bill requiring genital inspection to prevent transgender female athletes from competing in girls’ sports. In the 1960s, elite female athletes … Read more