Ime Udoka is leading the NBA’s coaching reformation

Ime Udoka has the Celtics through to the Easter Conference Finals.Image: Getty Images If the success of Boston’s Ime Udoka and New Orleans’ Willie Green has taught NBA ownership anything, when it comes to hiring coaches, it should be out with the old, in with the new. These two rising coaching stars stepped into dysfunctional … Read more

NBA news 2022: 76ers are the real losers in James Harden-Ben Simmons trade bust

In February this year, the question was who won the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade. Now it’s a question of who lost it worse. In February, the question was who won the James Harden-Ben Simmons trade. Now it’s a question of who lost it worse. And right now, Philadelphia has a Harden problem. Watch Live Coverage … Read more

Phoenix Suns coach Monty Willians named Coach of the Year

Monty Williams, NBA Coach of the Year.Image: Getty Images Finally, somebody from the Phoenix Suns organization is getting the respect they deserve. This week, head coach Monty Williams was named NBA Coach of the Year, and it’s about damn time. Williams ran away with the voting racking up 81 first-place votes for a grand total … Read more

Jay Wright could be next 76ers coach if Doc Rivers blows another series

If Doc Rivers flames out, is Jay Wright in line to coach the Sixers?Image: Getty Images Doc Rivers sounded more shook than ever on Wednesday defending his history of coaching teams who have flamed out after taking resounding leads in past playoffs series’. His voice typically cracks, but in defending himself from criticism of his … Read more

Behind head coach Ime Udoka, Celtics sweep Nets in first round

Ime Udoka is leading the Celtics to the promised land.Image: AP Ime Udoka is who so many fans — and media members — desperately wanted Brad Stevens to be. ten months after Stevens left Boston’s bench to replace Danny Ainge as the team’s new President of Basketball Operations, the Celtics, with Udoka at the helm, … Read more

Joel Embiid has missed too many games to be MVP

Has Joel Embiid missed too much time to be MVP?Image: Getty Images I’m already on the record as pro Nikola Jokic for NBA MVP, so don’t take this article as me piling on Joel Embiid — I know, says the person who is expressing more negative thoughts about him. With the regular season in its … Read more

Ben Simmons Philadelphia 76ers lawsuit, NBA news, Aussie files grievance

Ben Simmons’ divorce from the 76ers is far from over with the Aussie reportedly making the legal move he’d previously threatened. The drama between Ben Simmons and the 76ers has at least one more chapter. Simmons filed a grievance to try and force Philadelphia to pay back the nearly $20 million ($A27m) in salary withheld … Read more